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Isolomus – How to Get The Ugly & Evil Ending

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How to Get The Ugly & Evil Ending

Ugly Ending

To get the ugly ending, commit all of the actions that are related to the following achievements in one playthrough: There Is No EscapeGoodbye Ariadne or Fresh MeatAcephalusLosing the Last HopeWhy so SeriousA Ticket to HellDas BuchKafkaesque Nightmare and Blah Blah Blah.


Evil Ending

To get the evil ending, commit an action that is related to at least one of the following achievements: Stay SafeIllusionsMedium RareStay TunedDisappointmentsJust a Waste of TalentBrand New Face or Mediaworm. Dealing with the two-headed man in a different way than what Acephalus requires will trigger the evil ending as well.



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