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Lakeview Cabin 2 – Episode 2 True Ending Guide

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So you “beat” episode two. You solved the murders and got everybody out. But you didn’t get the true ending like that, so here’s how you do it.




First, get every character into a room so that they don’t get murdered.


Now, from the bottom floor, search each floor going up and each unlocked room. Look for a key off to the side in one of the adjacent rooms in the cutaway.


This is the key to the top floor suite, located in the Key Room.


You can find this more easily by looking for large gaps between doors.


If you can’t find it easily, it’s probably best to restart and try again.


Try not to take too long on this step, or the bomb might explode.



Bomb Disposal

Go to the security room, and get the bomb detector. Sweep each floor until you find the bomb.


Take the bomb, and put it next to the outside of the key room. This way, the bomb will blow a hole in the wall, and create an opening.


You can wait for the bomb to explode, or try to find the detonator in one of the rooms with the crazy terrorist guys in them.


Go through and get the key. Bring the key to the top floor, and set it on the ground next to the door marked with a “W”



Preparing For Battle

There is a boss fight up ahead, so you better get prepared.


Firstly, the boss doesn’t seem to take damage from anything other than the candlestick. So you will need to locate that.


Second of all, you need to reduce the sanity of the player you will be fighting the boss with. This will allow you to shoot green fireballs from the candlestick.


You can do this however you want. Making them run around naked works eventually, and those broken gas pipes work very quickly.


Bring the candlestick to the top floor.



Boss Fight

Use the W room key to open the W door. Once inside, interact with the chair. A quick animation will play, and then the skeleton in the chair drops 3 of the exit keys.


Then the boss will spawn, who is a floating head that swipes at you with his claws. He will leave the room and terrorize a random floor.


Go to the floor where he is. You can see the top of his head from the floor above, but you don’t have any indication from below, so it’s best to go from the top down.


Once you are on the same floor as him, shoot him with fireballs until he dies. Be careful not to let him hit you, or he might destroy the candlestick (not sure if this is a glitch or not).


Once he dies, take the keys from the W room and open the exit. Exfiltrate with all of your surviving dudes.


Congratulations! You got the True Ending!


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