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Tormented Souls – How to Get The Best Ending (Adoption)

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How to Get The Best Ending (Adoption)

The best way to complete the game is to save your sister, Anna, and then escape the mansion together. But to do so, you’ll need a few critical objects that will allow you to save your sister by returning her to her previous state, as well as ensuring that the two of you escape the mansion safely. The Antidote is the first item needed, and it can be found in William’s Office once you finish the puzzle. Assuming you’ve solved the riddle by passing through the doors, defeating the adversaries, and obtaining the antidote, you can now continue with the main storyline until you reach the end. You must complete the important step of going towards the creature that was chasing you and using the antidote on it when you talk to Noah, kill the enemies, and get the Cross Key to escape outside at the point in the story where you talk to Noah, kill the enemies, and get the Cross Key to escape outside. This will cause the monster to return to your sister, Anna. Although Anna appears to be dead, your task is not yet complete.


Pick up the bolt cutters in the same chamber after the cutscene with Anna before exiting to kill the game’s final boss. Make your way to the room with the VHS cassette player and the projector once you’ve finished. Go to the screen after inserting the Experiment Tape into the player. This will send you back in time to the moment when you must save Anna. Your final goal is to utilize the bolt cutters you picked up earlier to cut open the chain-locked prison cell and teleport back to the current game time. All that’s left is to use the Cross Key to get out of the mansion while Anna stays safe.



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