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Uncanny Valley – How to Get The TRUE LOVE Achievement

How to Get The True Love Achievement

Ultimately you need the gang to kill you out in the woods AND Eve must like you.


Introduction Day

(Talk with Eve + Get Fire Extinguisher + Kill Buck)


  • Let dream sequence play out just as normal.


  • Wake up. Meet buck / drive to the facility.


  • Buck shows you around the facility.


  • Run to the condominiums.


  • Talk with Eve.


  • Change your clothes.


  • Get the Fire Extinguisher on the Ground Floor.


  • Run back to the facility.


  • Kill buck. I actually didn’t kill buck but I had to go through the whole power thing. I think Killing him is fine and will make it quicker.


  • Run back to the condominium and let the time pass until you can sleep.


  • Dream sequence – run to the exit.


  • Wake up, get dressed, and start…



Day 1

(Talk with Eve + Key Card)

  • Go to the Facility


  • Take the elevator to the second floor.


  • Turn left into the Rec room and talk to EVE.


  • When you tell her you should be going, wait and more dialogue will appear. Let all dialog play out.


  • Once Eve is done run back to the condominiums


  • Take the elevator to the 4th floor


  • Go into the 4th room and get the Key card hanging on the corkboard.


  • You’re now done for the day. Go down to the first floor and go to sleep in your bed.


  • Dream sequence – run out the bar past the homeless man.


  • Wake up, get dressed, and start…



Day 2

(Nothing. Sleep the day away)

  • As soon as you’re dressed go back to bed.


  • If you didn’t kill Buck this is where the power goes out and you take BUCK over. Do what you have to do.


  • Dream sequence – talk to the cops, get dressed, leave through the window.


  • Wake up, get dressed, and start…



Day 3

(Break into Eve’s Room / Get Safe Key + Get Key Card from Safe + Go to the Facility’s basement + get killed by a terminator robot)


  • As soon as you’re dressed leave the room.


  • The very next room (room 6) is Eve’s Room. Break the door down with the fire extinguisher


  • Inside Eve’s room take the key off her dresser.


  • Head to the Facility.


  • Take the elevator up to the 4th floor.


  • Use the key on the safe on the wall and type in 1973


  • Get the Key Card


  • Take the elevator back down to the ground floor


  • Now that you have both key cards, use the special elevator.


  • You now enter the basement. Find an Android and let it kill you.


  • You may have to go searching for one and do some of the tasks in the basement (Make Nitroglycerin, make Robot Hand (sound familiar?) )


  • Once the cybernetic organism with living tissue over a metal endoskeleton kills you…



Playing House with Eve

(Talk with Eve + Escape + Get murdered by the gang)

  • You’ll wake up in your apartment – “oh no they followed me”


  • Then you’ll wake up in a new apartment – Eve’s house.


  • Let Eve talk out all her Dialogue. You should have been here via previous playthroughs.


  • –Everything is straight forward from here on out.–


  • Escape using the key in her jacket.


  • Eventually, you’ll make your way back to the factory where an Android is patrolling.


  • Grab the “Android Reconfigurator”


  • Put the Reconfigurator onto the Andy. It’s usually easier to let Andy hit you once and then put the Reconfigurator on.


  • Use the Android to open the giant black steel door.


  • Hit the red button to unlock the warehouse door.


  • Escape from the facility.


  • Get murdered by the Gang


  • Follow the rest.


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