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Love Esquire – Gifting Guide

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So the gift ranges are as follows, along with points they give on challenge mode (assume that each value is doubled for easy mode)


  • Preferred (+15)


  • Liked (+9)


  • Okay (+4)


  • meh (+1)


  • Hate (none)


This list is still not entirely comprehensive but it details all you really need to know about what you need to gift each girl!


All girls usually have 2 preferred items except for the two princesses who only have 1!


You can assume that everyone likes all of Serena’s luxury shop items but each girl has 2 luxury items that they’re only okay with


Remember that repeatedly giving the same item to a girl usually has diminishing returns on love points (usually half of the usual), so you need as much variety as you can, especially on challenge mode!


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