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Mayhem in Single Valley – Useful Tips & Tricks

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Tips and Tricks for Beginners

  • The game autosaves quite often, feel free to exploit it if you want.


  • Make manual saves in several slots. If you need more, back it up manually. Here’s the save location, starting from your game folder: \MSV_Data\StreamingAssets\save\


  • Have some firecrackers at hand. Some areas are more effective to be cleared with them, and they are quite hard to find.


  • Don’t sweat your inventory. You’ll mostly need 4-5 items in your bag most of the time. Throw the others that you don’t need. Keep hooch, jar, and rocks (or other abundant items that you can throw) at all times. Yes, that hard candy that you get from grandma and that tissue from your toilet is useless.


  • Try to dodge enemies if possible. Most of them have a set attack pattern and won’t directly attack you, so dodging is possible most of the time. Resources are also limited – try not to use them if you can.


  • You can drag items and enemies to the next area if you push them to the edge of the screen.


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