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No Place Like Home – Useful Tips & Tricks

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  • If you try to buy something at the shop when your backpack is full, the shop will take your “money” but you do not receive the item because you have no place to carry it. Leave some open slots in your inventory before you go shopping. Buy chests to hold your extra stuff.


  • Your house is up the ladder in the tree right before you step onto the main farm area, at the start of the game. A lot of people don’t realize it’s there at first.


  • You will need a few pieces of wood to fix your bed before you do anything else. So as you clear trash on the farm, don’t throw out those pieces of wood that you find.


  • If you run out of water, you can get more by vacuuming it out of a river or a well.


  • If you fill a whole chest with one type of item, any additional of that item you can safely throw away by dragging it over the trash can icon in your inventory. If your chest of that item is not yet full, DO NOT throw it out go put it in your chest if it’s in your way and you need more space in your backpack.


  • Remember to WATER YOUR VEGETABLE FARMS every morning.


  • Remember to satisfy your chickens and cubots after you get your daily item from them by petting, feeding, or spraying them.


  • Red trash bricks require the Hammer tool from the shop – hold the left mouse button for a power-hammer strike to break them.


  • Blue trash blocks require the Drill tool from the shop – hold the right mouse button to activate the drill and remove them.


  • Blue trash blocks drop “electrical waste” which at this point in game development has no use, but perhaps in future updates, it will be important. So keep a chest full of the stuff just in case.


  • Sometimes you can break trash piles or vacuum up trash from the other side of a fence.


  • NEVER build ANYTHING right up against a fence or rock or another obstacle! Whatever it produces might spawn BEHIND the obstacle and then you’re screwed. Leave 2 spaces of clearance around obstacles.


  • Soil plots for veggies can be placed side by side, no problem.


  • Buildings (coop, ranch, stove, recycler, even bird feeder) will need at least one square of space between them! Otherwise, you might find the product stuck on top of them and unable to get it down into your backpack. Same for trees (later you will find apple trees and such).


  • Got a floating trash pile, or an enemy that ran up a hill that you can’t climb? Unlock the super chicken tool at the shop and fire one at the thing to destroy it.


  • Switch between water-gun and super-chicken ammo with your mouse wheel. Careful not to waste a super chicken when you’re trying to water your farm!


  • Buy the cat, dog, and raccoon houses. They give you FREE STUFF daily and you don’t even need to feed them (at least not in this game version).


  • First thing you should buy: Bird Feeders. Put in a vegetable, the next day you get three seeds for that vegetable. Without these, you may run out of seeds, and then you have to depend on RNG to maybe find some in a trash pile. I suggest getting four of each before you start focusing on other items on the farm.


  • The second thing you should buy: NINE each of the recycler and the kitchen stove. Put down THREE of each and save the other six to trade for upgraded versions later. Ultimately you will want to have three of each version placed on your farm. Each upgrade requires more items to operate, but it also gives you more items when it finishes cooking.


  • The recycler converts plain trash into recycled material. Useful for spending money in the shop.


  • The kitchen stove converts ANY food item into a cooked meal. Useful for spending money in the shop.


  • The mayonnaise machine converts eggs into mayonnaise. Needed to purchase some of the more advanced items in the shop.


  • Beehives produce honey FOR FREE every day. Currently, the only use for honey is to cook food on the stove.


  • Items that are FLOATING or BURIED are glitches that the developers need to fix by adjusting their height. You cannot interact with anything unless you can stand at the same height as it.


  • After you tame a wild cubot, sleep for one night and then exit/reload your game to clear a glitch where it ends up floating on the roof of the ranch.


  • Most items, including soil plots, can be removed by hitting it a few times (left mouse button) and you can pick up the pieces to put them back in your inventory so you can use them again.


  • The well can be placed almost anywhere and is a great source of refilling your water-gun ammunition. But once you place it down it is PERMANENT and can never be destroyed or moved. So plan carefully.


  • Chests also cannot be destroyed or moved once placed. Plan carefully.


  • Apple trees – permanent once placed.


  • Recycler and stove – permanent UNLESS it is full of food/trash in which case you can hit it to break it down but you lose any food/trash it had inside.


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julio pena
julio pena
March 30, 2021 2:39 am

How do you save the game?

I have not played it much.



Tonya Lacey
Tonya Lacey
May 29, 2021 3:00 pm
Reply to  julio pena

You sleep in your bed

August 22, 2021 12:09 pm

Where do you get chests?

November 10, 2021 8:59 pm

ummmm yeah so mm I um well the boxes that you find and grab I finally found where they go after i unlocked another area right well um I may have accidently deleted some thinkin they were furniture…..yea soooo do they respawn? like days later or am I screwed cuz I just unlocked swamp area

March 22, 2022 6:31 pm

How do you get rid of the blue suitcases?

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