No Place Like Home PC Keyboard Controls - MGW

No Place Like Home PC Keyboard Controls

No Place Like Home PC Keyboard Controls


TAB: open backpack and view instructions/quests.


Left-click: swing your weapon to break trash or hit an enemy.


Hold-left-click: use your hammer charge attack if you unlock the pick hammer at the shop.


Right-click: fire your gun (water-gun or super-chicken).


Hold-right-click: use your drill if you unlocked it from the shop.


Mouse-wheel: switch ammo between water-gun and super-chicken (if you unlocked super chicken from the shop). Super chicken is good for killing enemies that get stuck in weird places or breaking trash bricks that are somehow floating in midair, and you can’t reach them. Water gun is mostly used for watering your plants, but also, you can spray your pets to make them happy if you see the bathtub icon after collecting the item from them in the morning.


Space-bar: hold it down to use your vacuum cleaner to suck up trash, water, and items nearby.


Each day at 22:00 (10:00 pm), you automatically end the day and go to sleep. You start the next day in your bedroom. Waking up the next day in your room is where the game automatically saves your progress.


E – Some things need to be interacted with; you will always see a pop-up prompt if you can use it.


GLITCH ALERT: there are some places where you could be running around exploring, and you will get stuck on some weird piece of terrain. There is NO JUMP BUTTON in this game, but if you hit ESC for the menu, there is a button there called “UNSTUCK.” This will respawn you directly inside your house. Good to know, if you get stuck on a weird rock or if you are far from home and realize you forgot to water your potatoes, LOL.


Number keys – drag items into your “Hotbar” along the bottom of the screen, then hit the number shown over that item’s slot to activate/use it. This is how you place soil plots, plant seeds, build chicken coops and cubot ranches, etc.



Reloading ammo:

Super Chicken – get one bullet when you collect 250 Trash. (Unlock super chicken from the shop, and it will automatically be equipped.)


Water Gun – get one shot from sucking water from certain rivers and wells. (Buy wells from the shop, then build it the same way as placing a soil plot or building a bird feeder.) Remember to switch your gun using mouse wheel before you fire! You don’t want to waste a super chicken shot when you are just trying to water your tomato garden!


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