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Home Behind 2 – PC Crashing or Black Screen on Launch Issue – Fix

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Crash on Launch Issue

If your game’s crashing, it could be because it doesn’t have the right permissions. Here’s what you can do:


  • Right-click the game icon and choose “Run as Administrator.”


  • If that doesn’t do the trick, try playing from an admin account.


Your antivirus or Windows Defender might also mistakenly see the game as a threat. If that’s the case:


  • Consider temporarily turning off your antivirus, or


  • Add the game to your antivirus exceptions.


Don’t forget: outdated GPU drivers can cause crashes too. Make sure yours are up-to-date.



Updating Your Video Card Drivers:

  • Hit Windows + R.


  • Type in “DxDiag” and hit OK.


  • When the DirectX Diagnostic Tool pops up, click the Display tab.


  • Note down your video card’s details and current driver version.


  • Head over to the right manufacturer’s website and grab the latest driver. If you run into any snags, give the manufacturer a shout:


AMD Drivers


Nvidia Drivers


Intel Drivers


If you’re sure your PC’s up to snuff and your drivers are fresh but things still aren’t smooth, you might want to check the game files in Steam:


  • Fire up Steam.


  • Find your game in the Library, right-click it, and choose Properties.


  • Jump to the Local files tab and hit “Verify integrity of game cache…”.


  • Sit tight while Steam does its thing. It’ll close the window when it’s done.



Black Screen Issue

Quick Fix 1: Quick Swap Got a black screen in Home Behind 2? Try this:


  • Press Alt + Tab – this takes you out of the game.


  • Press Alt + Tab again to dive back in.


If you’re still staring at a black void, let’s try something else.



Quick Fix 2: Screen Mode Shuffle Sometimes, a screen mode swap fixes glitches:


  • With your game on, hit Alt + Enter to go windowed.


  • Hit Alt + Enter once more to go big with full-screen.


Hopefully, that clears up the blackness!


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