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No Place Like Home – Seeds, Veggies, and Watering

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Seeds, Veggies, and Watering

Hold spacebar to use your vacuum. This will let you clear away the round trash piles and suck up useful items nearby. The tall square trash piles can’t be vacuumed; you need to hit them by pressing the left mouse button. The red ones are harder, need a hammer (hold left mouse button for a stronger swing) unlocked from the shop to break. The blue ones are similar but require the drill (hold the right mouse button to use the drill) unlocked from the shop first. There is a GLITCH – as you go, you will find trash piles that are stacked two high, or some that are just floating above the ground because the developer messed up their z-coordinate when placing them. In this game, ANYTHING (trash, enemies, chickens, cubots…) that is above or below the level of the ground you are standing on CANNOT be touched. You can’t vacuum it; you can’t hit it; you can’t give that chicken on a hill a potato.


The super-chicken ammo can be used to zap enemies and trash piles that are stuck at a higher elevation than the normal ground, but you have to unlock the super chicken first. Related to this glitch – if you tame a wild cubot (the robot with trash on its back) and go to bed for the night, the next day it appears at your cubot ranch, but it is FLOATING ON THE ROOF so you cannot touch it. Exit and reload the game to fix this, then the cubot will be reset on the ground, and you can interact with it.


Once you clear enough trash out of the way to reach the shop, you will find yourself visiting it very often. They have upgrades for your character that will make you hit enemies harder, carry more ammunition (water or super-chickens), have more HP so you can take more hits in battle, and things like that. Those are nice, but you need to get a good farm going first, or you might find yourself running out of seeds and unable to plant more veggies to cook more food, and then you can’t buy anything new from the shop. So let’s focus on building a decent farm first. You can unlock those character upgrades as we go once you’re confident you can afford them without ruining your ability to “make money” in the game.


There are three vegetables you can grow to start out with, assuming you have seeds for them. There are potatoes, tomatoes, and pumpkins. After you unlock the Drill tool, you will be able to reach trash piles that contain apple seeds, too, but that comes a little bit later. Potatoes grow quickly, in just a couple of days. Tomatoes, I think, grow just one day slower. Pumpkins take a few days. These three vegetables must be planted using the proper seeds and only on soil plots. The game gives you a little patch of soil right next to your starting point, and you will find more buried in trash piles or hidden behind them. They are pretty rare to find, though. I suggest starting out with a 5×4 plot for each of the potatoes and tomatoes, no pumpkins yet, because you won’t have those seeds for quite a while.


Seeds stack in piles of 10 in your inventory, and when you plant one, you use up one seed from the stack. You can sometimes find seeds by breaking or vacuuming trash piles, but a better way is to buy a bird feeder from the shop. In fact, buy 4 each of the potato and tomato bird feeders (and later get 4 pumpkin bird feeders too). Set them up on your farm. Feed them the appropriate vegetable each day, and the next day they will provide THREE seeds for that vegetable. Once you get your farm to be pretty self-sufficient, you can even buy a fifth bird feeder for each vegetable, so you start stock-piling seeds just in case something bad happens, and you run out later. My advice is to get those first four bird feeders AS QUICKLY AS YOU CAN.


When you plant veggies, you have to spray water on the farm to help them grow, or else they will never grow. Every day they need more water until they are ready to be harvested. You suck water out of the river (or you can buy a well and put it ANYWHERE – maybe right beside your fields) just by using your vacuum on it. Then you select the water (not the super chicken) using your mouse-wheel and right-click to spray water. In the beginning, you will need to refill your water once or twice in order to irrigate all of your crops, but there are upgrades in the shop that increase the size of your water tank and your super-chicken ammo reserves at the same time. (Super chicken is a tool in tier two that comes in handy sometimes, but for this initial zone, you don’t really need it. If you don’t buy the super chicken yet, you don’t need a mouse wheel to select your water ammo because you ONLY have water ammo.)


Fruit trees DO NOT need to be watered. They DO NOT need a soil plot to grow on; just bare grassy land is fine. And they take quite a long time for the fruit to ripen, but when it does, it falls from the trees automatically, and you just run-up to it to collect it.


Left-click swings your weapon to hit stuff. After you unlock the first tool at the shop, hold the left mouse button to do a stronger swing. In addition to killing enemies and breaking the square trash piles, hitting decorations, soil plots, buildings, signposts, etc., will break them and return them to your inventory so you can move them somewhere else on your farm. Certain items, at this point in production at least, CANNOT be destroyed or moved. These include the following that I’ve found so far (but I haven’t tried it on everything yet):


  • Chest (bought from the shop, holds a few stacks of items for you, cannot be moved once placed)


  • Fruit Tree (once planted, it is permanent)


  • Well (water source bought from the shop, can’t move it once it’s placed)


  • kitchen (only destructible if it has food cooking, and you lose the food)


  • recycler (only destructible if it has trash recycling, and you lose the trash/scrap)


  • signpost (you can knock it down and pick it up, but you cannot place it back up)



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10 months ago

This is my 3rd time visiting and I guess it calls for a comment! I am finding good information here. My “water ammo” is spitting out sparks and not allowing me to get any water refills! What’s wrong?…..anyone?

9 months ago

You probably used the scroll wheel on your mouse to accidently switch to the lightning chicken.