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Park Beyond PC Keyboard and Gamepad Controls

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Park Beyond takes the thrill of theme park management to new heights, inviting players to become Visioneers, creators of wildly imaginative amusement parks. With gameplay that carries echoes of Theme Park and Planet Coaster, this title offers a blend of management and creativity like never before.


While it retains familiar elements such as building rides, managing visitor facilities, and ensuring the happiness of your park goers, Park Beyond introduces exciting new dynamics. The focus isn’t solely on managing cash flow and park maintenance– it’s about unleashing your creativity and customizing every detail, from the placement of each shrub to the twist of a rollercoaster track.


Whether you’re using a keyboard or gamepad, control over your park’s destiny lies at your fingertips. This guide aims to explain the controls for both methods in a simple and clear manner. Here is the complete list of controls:



PC Keyboard Controls and Hotkeys

General Functions

  • Pause/Play: Space Bar


  • Faster/Slower: Num + or Num –


  • Undo: Comma


  • Redo: Period


  • Pause Menu: Escape



General Placement

  • Grid: G


  • Rotate 90: R


  • Delete: Delete


  • Collision: T


  • Precision Placement: X




  • Move: W, A, S, D


  • Left/Right Rotate: Q and E


  • Switch Camera: C




  • Add to Selection: Left Shift + Left Mouse Button


  • Remove from Selection: Left Ctrl + Left Mouse Button


  • Invert Selection State: Left Alt + Left Mouse Button 



Coaster Editor

  • Straighten: F


  • Tunneling: T



Path Placement

Straight/Curved: Space Bar




Toggle UI: F9



Gamepad Controls (Xbox Controller)

  • Move: Left Stick


  • Confirm/Select/Place: A


  • Access Time Settings: X


  • Exit/Cancel: B


  • Rotate: Right Stick


  • Navigate Interfaces: Left Stick


  • Multi Select Mode: Left Stick (Press)


  • Zoom: LT+RT


  • Toggle Input Prompts: LB+RB


  • Up/Down: LB+Left Stick Up/Down


  • Open Radial Menu: D-Pad Left


  • Access Top HUD: D-Pad Up


  • Help & Notifications: D-Pad Right


  • Toggle Goal Pop-Up: D-Pad Down


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