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Big Ambitions PC Keyboard and Gamepad Controls

A Street in Big Ambitions

I didn’t start my adult life with any ambitions of being an “entrepreneur” or any kind of salesman. I just want to be comfortable and cover my needs, so having large amounts of money and power isn’t something that ever appealed to me. However, if you’re the kind of person that is always hustling and looking for ways to hit it big, then maybe Hovgaard Games’ sandbox capitalist simulator Big Ambitions might be right up your alley.


In it, you can start off as a lowly peon in the city of New York and work your way all the way up to being one of the richest & most revered business people in not just the Big Apple, but in all the world. It certainly beats trying & failing over and over again in real life but there will probably be a fair amount of trial and error in Big Ambitions as well.


Especially if you don’t have the game’s controls down pat. Big Ambitions is pretty complex & every move you make in it could potentially cost you hundreds, thousands or even millions of dollars. I don’t know about you, but I would want to save that money. That’s why I’m coming at you today with the Big Ambitions PC Keyboard & Gamepad Controls guide, a resource for everything you need to know to become the next Donald Trump. Or Mark Cuban, if you prefer a less orange and a less controversial role model.


Crack it open, look it over and make notes to stay on top of your game. Or you can leave it open & come back to it when you need to know something. Being rich and successful isn’t about being honest and hard-working, it’s about gaming the system and taking advantage of everything you can. Doesn’t hurt to start small!



Keyboard Controls and Hotkeys

  • Movement: W, A, S, D


  • Interact: F


  • Secondary Interact: P


  • Special Interact: O


  • Cancel: ESC


  • Rotate Left: Q


  • Rotate Right: E


  • Confirm: Enter


  • Next Option: Num 6


  • Previous Option: Num 4


  • Menu: F12


  • Toggle Running: Shift


  • Skip Song: T


  • Sell: Backspace


  • Sleep: I


  • Open Notifications: N


  • Pause: Space



Vehicle Controls

  • Steering: A and D


  • Throttle: W


  • Brakes: S


  • Handbrake: Space



Gamepad Controls (Xbox Controller Bindings)

  • Movement: Left Stick


  • Interact: A


  • Secondary Interact: X


  • Special Interact: Y


  • Cancel: B


  • Confirm: A


  • Rotate: RT and LT


  • Zoom: LB and RB


  • Next Option: D-Pad Down


  • Previous Option: D-Pad Up


  • Toggle Running: LT


  • Skip Song: RB


  • Sleep: LB


  • Open Notifications: R3


  • Steering: Left Stick/X


  • Throttle: RT


  • Brakes: LT


  • Handbrake: B


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