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Out of the Park Baseball 24: How to Acquire Perfect Points and Player Cards

Out of the Park Baseball 24: How to Acquire Perfect Points and Player Cards

Perfect Team is the latest addition to the Out of the Park Baseball series with the newly released 2023 edition, offering a collectible card game where you can build your own team & compete against thousands of other OOTP owners in online leagues.


But, let’s be honest, dominating in Perfect Team requires a bit of strategy and some insider knowledge. Lucky for you, I have the ultimate guide to help you acquire the right cards & Perfect Points!


  • First up let’s talk about how to win achievements. When your team receives achievements, you can win additional Perfect Points. And the best part? The rarest achievements will award significantly more Perfect Points, up to several thousand for extremely rare events like perfect games.


  • If you’re up for a challenge then you should definitely try out Challenge mode. You can win new player card packs by unlocking achievements in Challenge Mode games in regular OOTP. These are limited to one pack every few days and the higher-level achievement you receive, the more likely you are to get a pack!


  • If you’re more of a hands-on player then the Auction system is perfect for you. Buy & sell player cards for Perfect Points and set your own start price, buy now price, and auction duration. Plus, with the global auction house, everyone can see every auctioned player – not just those in your league.


  • And if you’re not in the mood for auctions, you can always purchase Perfect Points directly from the Market menu. Feeling lucky? Try buying special packs like those with historical cards, which are available at specific times. Standard card packs of six cards each can be purchased and are guaranteed to have at least one bronze-level card per pack.


  • But don’t forget to sell your cards as well! You can sell cards immediately for a fixed amount based on their value category. And voila! The card will disappear from the system, and the Perfect Points will be added to your balance.


  • Now, if you’re looking for some serious points, winning tournaments and completing collections can earn you some serious rewards. And don’t forget about “live” cards, which are based on the current Major League season, so player ratings change based on their real-life performance throughout the year.


  • So there you have it – eight different ways to acquire Perfect Points & Player Cards in Out of the Park Baseball 24. Get ready to dominate in Perfect Team and show off your baseball expertise!


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