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Controls for Trinity Trigger – Keyboard and Gamepad

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In the world of Trinitia, an unavoidable clash of powers is brewing. A young man named Cyan has been branded by the gods as the Warrior of Chaos, and his time to fight is quickly approaching. As the Warrior of Order also prepares, our heroes Cyan, Elise, and Zantis will embark on an adventure to rewrite their fate and save the world of Trinitia.


Whoa. I grew up in the 90s, so I thought I was pretty used to the kind of classic JRPG, Final Fantasy storylines that ate up so many of my afternoons and evenings, but even I can recognize that Trinity Trigger sounds incredible.


Oh yea, this game is called Trinity Trigger, and it’s the latest 90s JRPG genre revival to hit Steam. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to play this on my Steam Deck!


Trinity Trigger features a unique weapon system, in which each character possesses a creature called a Trigger that can morph into eight unique weapon types. I’m sure there are your swords and hammers, but I’m gonna stick with my trusty axe!


If you’re excited to get into the adventure that Trinity Trigger has in store for you, you could probably use some guidance. I’m the kind of person that tends to forget button inputs on games as complex as Trinity Trigger, so what I have here for you is a Trinity Trigger PC controls guide for keyboard and gamepads.


Check it out, make notes, or leave the page open while you play. It won’t do any harm, and being able to check your button inputs at a moments notice will only help you have a better experience with Trinity Trigger!



PC Keyboard Controls

Field Controls

  • Move: W, A, S, D


  • Check: Space


  • Main Menu: TAB


  • Change Character: 1 / 2


  • Item Ring: Q


  • Weapon Ring: E


  • Open Map: M



Battle Controls

  • Trigger Attack: Space


  • Trigger Strike: V


  • Weapon Aura: R


  • Trinity Impact: Space Hold Down


  • Dodge: Left Shift



Menu Controls

  • Select: W, A, S, D


  • Select: Space


  • Cancel: Left Shift


  • Change Selected Tab: Q / E



Xbox Controller Bindings

Field Controls

  • Move: Left Stick


  • Check: A


  • Main Menu: Start


  • Change Character: LT / RT


  • Item Ring: LB


  • Weapon Ring: RB


  • Open Map: Back



Battle Controls

  • Trigger Attack: A


  • Trigger Strike: Y


  • Weapon Aura: X


  • Trinity Impact: A Hold Down


  • Dodge: B



Menu Controls

  • Select: Left Stick


  • Select: A


  • Cancel: B


  • Change Selected Tab: LB / RB


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