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Trinity Building Editor PC Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

Trinity Building Editor PC Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

Oh, remember when the first Sims game dropped way back in the early 2000s?? That game was a total game-changer blowing our minds with its rad features… You could build a house from scratch, choose where to put the walls, doors, & windows, slap on some wallpaper, & mess with the landscape. It was epic for anyone who dug creativity. Heck, it even inspired some folks to get into architecture. That game really left its mark…


Now fast forward to today & we’ve got something even more sick; it’s called Trinity Building Editor & it’s like the building mode from The Sims series but on steroids. This game is all about giving you the ultimate freedom to flex your creative muscles. Play around with the landscape, lay down the foundation, tweak the size of every part of your building, mix & match pieces for a custom vibe, stack ’em, rotate ’em, scale ’em… You get to pick materials & textures too. And to top it all off -> you can landscape with plants. This guide right here?? It’s got all the crucial keyboard shortcuts & controls you’ll need so make sure to bookmark it for later.



Keyboard Shortcuts & Hotkeys

  • Right-click to place objects or enter design mode.


  • Press the Space Bar to cycle through gizmo options.


  • Tap the Tab key to hide the gizmo.


  • Hold Alt and use the arrow keys to create a copy of the selected object.


  • Press the Delete key to remove the object you’ve selected.


  • Hit the End key to drop an object to ground level.


  • Press G to conceal the boundaries around the plot you’re working on.


  • Hit H to toggle the user interface visibility.


  • Use the W, A, S, D keys to move the camera around.


  • Hold the Right Mouse Button and move the mouse to rotate the camera view.


  • Scroll the Mouse Wheel to adjust the camera’s movement speed.


  • Press and hold the Middle Mouse Button to lock the camera’s elevation.


  • Use the Q or E keys to raise or lower the camera’s height.



In-Game Control Scheme

Trinity Building Editor PC Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts


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