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Red Dead Redemption 2: Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

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Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

Here you will find a listing of the various Game Controls available for use and assignment in Red Dead Redemption 2.


Before jumping into the game, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the basic controls including the ability to move your character and interact with your environment. You can access these key assignments by visiting the Controls section of the Configuration menu, which you can from the in-game menu using the Esc key or from the game’s main menu.



Movement Controls

Move Forward – W

Move Back – S

Move Left – A

Move Right – D

Jump – Space

Sprint – Left Shift

Enter Vehicle – F

Stealth Mode – Left Ctrl

Look Behind (On Foot) – C



Combat Controls

Aim Weapon / Lock-on – Right Mouse Button

Fire Weapon – Left Mouse Button

Take Cover – Q

Light Melee Attack – R

Heavy Melee Attack – Q

Melee Dodge – Space

Reload – R

Toggle Weapon Accessory – E

Sniper Camera Zoom In / Out – Mouse Wheel



Vehicle / Mount & Horse Controls

Exit Vehicle – F

Mount Horse – F

Next Vehicle Weapon – Mouse Wheel Up / TAB

Previous Vehicle Weapon – [

Look Behind (Vehicle & Mount) – C

Cinematic Camera – R

Cinematic Slowmo – L

Duck – X



Weapon Select Controls

Weapon Wheel – TAB

Next Weapon – Mouse Wheel Down

Previous Weapon – Mouse Wheel Up

Weapon Select – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ..



RDR2 Online Online Controls

Text Chat Everyone – T

Text Chat Team – Y

Push to Talk – N

Point At – B

Drop Weapon – F9

Drop Ammunition – F10


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