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Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Game Stuttering – Issue Fix

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PC Game Stuttering – Issue Fix

Multiple players have reported in-game stuttering related to high CPU usage.



Reduce the number of CPU cores used by the game in the system

-Open Task Manager.

-Click on the Details tab to see the list of running processes.

-Locate RDR2.exe

-Right-click it and select Set affinity.

-Deselect one or two of the cores (e.g. CPU 2 and CPU 3) and click OK.



Externally limit CPU usage by the game

-Download BES.

-Unpack the archive and run BES.exe

-Launch the game.

-Click on Target… and select RDR2.exe from the list.

-Click on Limit this and confirm by clicking on Yes.

-Move the slider below to put the limit at -10% or experiment with other values.


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