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Poly Bridge 2 PC Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts Guide

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PC Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

Print out or refer to the following list of PC keyboard commands and controls for Poly Bridge 2. You can change your control settings whether you are on the main menu or in-game. Head to the settings menu (press ESC while in-game), and choose the Controls option.



Available in All Modes

Draw/Build/Pan – LMB

Pan Camera (Hold) – MMB

Start Simulation – Space

Delete Selection – D

Level Info – I

Stress View – T

Snap-to-Grid – G

Increase Simulation Speed – Period

Decrease Simulation Speed – Comma

Pan Up – Up Arrow

Pan Left – Left Arrow

Pan Down – Down Arrow

Pan Right – Right Arrow

Toggle HUD – H

Screenshot – F11



Available in Build Mode Only

Select/interrupt – RMB

Split Joint – J

Trace Tool – 1

Trace Fill – 0

Trace Lock/Unlock Tangents – L

Trace Cycle Shape – S

Copy Selection – C

Cut Selection – X

Rotate Clipboard Counter-Clockwise – Q

Rotate Clipboard Clockwise – E

Show All Joint Split Numbers (Hold) – E

Select Road – 1

Select Wood – Z

Select Steel – 3

Select Hydraulics – 1

Select Rope – 5

Select Cable – 6

Select Spring – 7



Available in Sandbox Mode Only

QuickSave Sandbox to Last Saved Filename – F6

Constrain Object to X-Axis – X

Constrain Object to Y-Axis – C



Available in Build Mode and Sandbox Mode

Cycle Build/Sandbox – TAB

Undo – Z

Redo – Y

Flip Clipboard Horizontal / Flip Trace Line – F

Flip Clipboard Vertical – V

Save Bridge or Sandbox – F7

Load Bridge or Sandbox – F8



Available in Simulation Mode Only

Pause Simulation – P

Rotate Camera – RMB


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