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Oxygen Not Included – Spaced Out! PC Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

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LMB=Left Mouse Button Make selection !! !!
F2 Select object
F3 Select face
F4 Select vertice
Ctrl+(any of the above) Add to selection
Ctrl+Shift+(any of the above) Remove from selection
Ctrl-A Select all
Ctrl-D Deselect
O Object select mode
T Select surface mode
V Vertice selection mode
Ctrl-I Invert selection
Ctrl-L Lock selection
Ctrl-W Select only one side (front/back toggle)
Ctrl+LMB/LMB Select all surfaces assigned with texture (from texture window)
Ctrl-E Toggle selection toolbar
Views (Editor)
` Toggle between preview and editor
* (Numpad) Center on selection
Ctrl-* (Numpad) Center view on model
Alt-* (Numpad) Center all views on selection
Z Zoom mode (in 2D views)
+ Zoom in
Zoom out
Alt+LMB Move camera (in 3D view)
Ctrl+LMB Rotate camera (in 3D view)
F Show/Hide back oriented faces
CTRL-H Hide selection
Ctrl-Shift-H Unhide selection
F9 Default window layout
Alt-S Split window in 4 views
Views (Preview)
LMB Move object
RMB Rotate object
Numpad: + Zoom in
Numpad: – Zoom out
C Move object to left
X Move object to right
E Move object closer (fast)
W Move object closer (slow)
S Move object away
Q Move object down
D Rotate object to left
A Rotate object to right
Numpad: 4 Rotate object anti-clockwise around Z-axis
Numpad: 6 Rotate object clockwise around Z-axis
Numpad: 2 Rotate object anti-clockwise around X-axis
Numpad: 8 Rotate object clockwise around X-axis
Numpad: Enter Toggle far overview
Numpad: 5 Reset to original alignment
Right Windows Key – F Toggle Information
Right Windows Key – T Forward in Time
Right Windows Key – V Toggle Dialog Modes
Right Windows Key – X Toggle Textures
Right Windows Key – Y Backward in Time
General Editing
Ctrl-Z Undo
Ctrl-Y Redo
Shift-L Lock selection
Ctrl-Shift-L Unlock selection
X Lock X axis
Y Lock Y axis
Z lock Z axis
RMB Move selection
Ctrl+RMB Rotate selection
Ctrl+Shift+RMB Scale selection
Space Center on pin
C Center pin on selection
Shift-C Toggle Pin Use
R move pin
Shift-D Weld selected vertices
Shift-M Weld selected vertices
Shift-W Linear Deform window
\ Triangulate: change 4-point surfaces into 2 3-point surfaces
Insert Create vertex
Delete Delete selection
Ctrl-C Copy
Ctrl-X Cut
Ctrl-V Paste
Shift+RMB Create & move copy of selection
F6 Create face from selected vertices
F7 Create box
F8 Create cylinder
D Remove face
P Flatten points: bring up the “flatten” window
Q Uncross: cross or uncross selected edges
A Enter texture mode
B Apply texture to selection
Ctrl-B Get texture from selection
I Smooth edges
U Sharp edges
F5 Recalculate normals
W inverse normals
M Map window
G Gizmo mapping window
Ctrl-U Bring up Unwrap dialog
E Face properties
Shift-E Vertex Properties window
Shift-O Coloration window
Alt-C Toggle Coordinates window
Alt-H Toggle History window
Alt-L Toggle LOD window
Alt-M Toggle Mass window
Alt-P Toggle Named Properties window
Alt-T Toggle Texture library window
Ctrl-1 Toggle Named Property window
File Operations
Ctrl-N New
Ctrl-O Open file
Ctrl-S Save file
Ctrl-T Toggle default toolbar
Non-working shorcuts
Ctrl F5 Refresh
Ctrl F5 Front view
Ctrl F6 Top view
Ctrl F7 Left view
Ctrl F8 Projected view
Alt-L Toggle ‘Named Selection’ window (Toggles LOD window instead)


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