Rise of Prussia Gold PC Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts - MGW

Rise of Prussia Gold PC Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

Rise of Prussia Gold PC Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts


Mouse wheel: Zoom in/Zoom out

Click on mouse wheel: Alternate between maximum and minimum zoom levels

End: Alternate between the maximum and minimum zoom levels

Page Up: Zoom in

Page Down: Zoom out



Handling Forces:

Left-click: Select a Force.

Right-click: Unselect (and returns to messages display)

Ctrl + left-click: Cycle through the various region Forces, make multiple selections on the Unit Panel

Drag-drop on another region: Moves Force to the desired location.

Drag-drop on the same region: Cancel whole move (exception: if [Shift] is pressed it allows circular trips)

Drag-drop on another Force: Either intercept an enemy or combine with a friendly Force

Drag-drop on city, harbor: Enter the structure

Drag-drop on a tab: Combine with this Force

Drag-drop + Ctrl: Moves Force to the desired location (Disables pathfinding)

Del: Cancel the last leg of the movement path of an Army or Fleet

C: Center map on selected Force

Shift: When an Army Force is selected: Displays Army Command Radius.

Shift: When a (non-Army) Force is selected: Displays regions and nature of the links.

Ctrl: Show the number of men

Q/W: Cycle through ‘locked’ land forces.

E/R: Cycle through land Forces. Simultaneously press [Ctrl] to skip units that are not moving.

T/Y: Cycle through naval Forces. Simultaneously press [Ctrl] to skip units that are not moving.

S: (Sentry) Selected Force will be skipped when cycling with keys E/R/T/Y

Ctrl +S: Remove all “sentry” orders

Ctrl + L: Lock/unlock all Forces (prevents a Force dropped onto another Force from merging)

Right-click on a tab: Lock/unlock this Force.

Keys 1 – 6: Switch Map Filter

Ctrl F1-F4: Use unit filter for you or your enemy.

Ctrl F9: End Game Turn

Ctrl + Shift + S: Save Game

F1: Force List

F2: Replacements (Secretary of War)

F3: Military Options (Secretary of War)

F4: Diplomatic Options (Secretary of State)

F5: Objectives (Secretary of State)

F6: Scenario Background



In the Unit Panel:

Ctrl-click: Select/unselect multiple units

Mouse wheel scroll: Move through the list of units

Select unit(s) then drag-drop: Create a new Army/Fleet. This is used for disembarking in a coastal region without a friendly harbor.

A, O, D, P: Change the Force to the corresponding posture

Operational Orders (if applicable):

Shift+T: Enter Town upon reaching destination

Shift+D: Build Depot

Shift+S: Sortie from structure

Shift+M: Force March

Shift+A: Set an Ambush

Shift+B: Burn Structure (land units)



Messages Log:

Simple-click: Go to region where event occurred (if relevant)

Double-click: Display messages content (if message is red) and opens specific message window Mouse wheel scroll : To scroll up and down the message list



Windows & Interface:

Esc: Close the window

R: When on the main menu: Resume last played game.

Saved Games: When you move the mouse over a saved game on the load game screen, you can either back up one turn (Home key), rename it (Insert key) or delete it (Delete key)


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