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NIMBY Rails PC Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

PC Key Bindings & Hotkeys

Print out or refer to the following list of PC keyboard commands and controls for NIMBY Rails.


Top level Controls

  • F1: info tool


  • F2: track editor


  • F3: line editor


  • F4: train editor


  • F11: stats for nerds


  • Esc: “get out of tool/editor”, then main menu


  • Home: map mode


  • End: track mode


  • -: game speed down (only in single player)


  • =: game speed up (only in single player)


  • Space: pause game (only in single player)



Map Controls

  • Left mouse button: general interactions with UI and map objects


  • Drag with right mouse button: pan map


  • Mouse wheel: zoom map (centered on mouse pointer)


  • WASD: pan map


  • QE: zoom map (center of screen)



Track Editor Controls

  • M: Move, delete and edit tracks


  • N: Append to tracks or create New ones


  • B: Create new track Branches


  • T: Create new sTation platforms


  • P: Create new dePot


  • 1: Viaduct track


  • 2: Ground track


  • 3: Tram track


  • 4: Tunnel track


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