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Power & Revolution 2020 Edition PC Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

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PC Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

– Esc or F8: open Exit Window


– Space Bar: Pause


– F1: open/close Character Sheet


– F2: open/close Score Window


– F3: open/close Agenda


– F4: open/close Newspaper menu


– F5: open/close Budget menu


– F6: open/close Sound Options menu


– F7: open/close Save menu


– F9: display military map/return to home screen


– F10: display entire world map/return to home screen (for example, to locate every army)


– F11: display/close comparative maps


– Q-W-E-R-T-Y keys: changes time mode to, respectively: slow,


normal, fast-forward, fast-forward to next petition, skip forward one day, skip forward one week, skip forward one month.


– Arrow keys: moves the map


– Page Up and Page Down Keys: zoom in/zoom out


– SHIFT key: when unity moving arrow is active, this allows to set successive move orders (activates temporarily multi-orders mode)


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