Element TD 2 PC Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts


PC Key Bindings & Hotkeys

Print out or refer to the following list of PC keyboard commands and controls for Element TD 2.



TAB – Toggle Scoreboard

Click-and-Drag – Select a box of towers

Double Click a tower – Select all towers of that type

Hold Ctrl + Click – Allows continuous building (paint mode)

Middle Mouse-and-Drag – Scroll around the screen

F1 – Select your builder

F1 twice – Reset Camera position and rotation to your builder

F2 – Cycle the camera view between each player’s unspent gold in Scoreboard

Alt+Left Click Minimap – Ping a location on the minimap

Page up – Rotate the Camera Up

Page Down – Rotate the Camera Down

Home – Rotate the Camera Left

End – Rotate the Camera Right


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