Crossroads Inn: Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

Keyboard controls are shortcuts to various game functions via keyboard keys. This article lists the default hotkeys:


Move Camera – WASD

Rotate Camera – Middle Mouse Button

Zoom Camera In / Out – Scroll Wheel

Choose Object / Character – Left Mouse Button

Top-down Camera Mode – TAB

See Upper Floor – Page Up

See Lower Floor – Page Down

Quick Save – F5

Quick Load – F7

Cancel Action / Return to Menu – ESC

Quit to Menu – F10

Show / Hide Walls – Ctrl + 1

Screenshot – F12

Start / Stop time – Space Bar

Move Map – WASD

Rotate Object Left – Left Arrow or Q

Rotate Object Right – Right Arrow or E

Sell / Delete Object – Delete

Place without the Grid-Adjusment – Hold Ctrl

Sell Mode – Hold ALT

Paint All Similar Walls / Floors – Hold Shift


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