Ostriv PC Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts - MGW

Ostriv PC Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

Ostriv PC Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

In this guide, you will find the complete list of controls and shortcuts for Ostriv. Whether you’re in the main menu or in-game, you can change your control settings. From the options menu, select the Controls setting.



Default Key Bindings

  • Move forward: W


  • Move backward: S


  • Move left: A


  • Move right: D


  • Pause game: Space


  • Game speed x1: 1


  • Game speed x5: 2


  • Game speed x12: 3


  • Quick save: F5


  • Quick load: F9


  • Rotate building CW: T


  • Rotate building CCW: R


  • Rotate building 90 degrees: F


  • Zoom in: Z


  • Zoom out: X


  • Tilt view up: Page Up


  • Tilt view down: Page Down


  • Step zoom in: Wheel Up


  • Step zoom out: Wheel Down


  • Turn view left: E


  • Turn view right: Q


  • Rotate view modifier: RMB


  • Pan view modifier: LMB


  • Place multiple buildings: Shift


  • Disable snapping: Alt


  • Open world map: Unknown


  • Open economy panel: Unknown


  • Open population panel: Unknown


  • Customize group 1: F1


  • Customize group 2: F2




Ostriv PC Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts


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