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KeeperRL PC Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

KeeperRL PC Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

Here’s a rundown of all the default keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys for KeeperRL. It’s quite a list, so feel free to bookmark this for later, especially if your memory isn’t exactly bulletproof, kind of like mine…



Keeper Mode Keys

Build Menu

  • A: Prioritize tasks.


  • B: Place a bed.


  • C: Place a torch.


  • D: Toggle dig or cut mode.


  • E: Remove a construction.


  • F: Create floors.


  • G: Create a graveyard.


  • I: Summon an imp.


  • K: Locate the keeper.


  • L: Access the library.


  • M: Access manufacturies.


  • S: Create storage.


  • T: Set up training area.


  • U: Establish a torture area.


  • Shift: Select a rectangle area with the mouse.




  • Z: Zoom in or out.


  • Arrow Left: Scroll left.


  • Arrow Right: Scroll right.


  • Arrow Up: Scroll up.


  • Arrow Down: Scroll down.


  • Numpad Keys: Scroll around.



Game Options

  • 1: Set game speed to slow.


  • 2: Set game speed to normal.


  • 3: Set game speed to fast.


  • 4: Set game speed to very fast.


  • Space: Pause the game.


  • Escape: Open or close the game menu.



Minion Control Mode


  • Arrow Left/Right/Up/Down: Move in the respective direction.


  • Numpad: Move around.


  • Space: Wait in the current location.


  • T: Travel between map sectors.




  • CTRL+Arrow: Open the extended attack menu.


  • ALT+Arrow: Fire arrows.


  • F: Use a ranged weapon.



Creature Skills

  • H: Hide.


  • A: Absorb.


  • C: Chat.




  • G: Toggle the type of control mode.


  • M: View message history.


  • S: Switch the minion under control.


  • U: Leave minion control mode.


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