Total Annihilation PC Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts


PC Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

The following list of hotkeys are the ones that come by default with the game.


CTRL – A – Select All Units

CTRL – B – Select all construction units except the commander

CTRL – C – Select the commander

CTRL – D – Destruct selected unit(s)

CTRL – F – Select all factories

CTRL – S – Select all units currently on the screen

CTRL – V – Select all aircraft

CTRL – Z – Select all units of same type

CTRL+ 1-9 – Assign the currently selected units to a squad

ALT+ 1-9 – Select squad

SHIFT – Hold down to queue up multiple commands

ESC – Cancels the current command

A – Give an attack order

B – Select the Build menu for the current unit

C – Give a capture order

D – Use the disintegrator gun

E – Give a reclaim order

F – Toggles fire orders

G – Give a guard order

H – Share resources with another player

K – Toggles selected unit’s cloaking capabilities

M – Give a move order

N – Scroll to the next unit off screen

O – Select the Orders menu for the current unit

P – Give a patrol order

R – Give a repair order

S – Give a stop order (cancel previous orders)

T – track the selected unit

V – Toggles move orders

1 – 9 – Select the menu for the current unit

“-“ – Reduce the game speed

“+” – Increase the game speed

, (comma) – Select the previous menu for that unit

. (period) – Select the next menu for that unit

~ (tilde) – Toggle damage bars on the units

TAB – Multiplayer options

SPACEBAR – Activate the game status bar

ENTER – Activate the message bar

PAUSE – Pause the game

CTRL+F9 – Screen capture

F1 – Display information on selected unit

F2 – Display the options menu

F3 – Selects the unit that last reported

F4 – Bring up the multiplayer scorecard

F12 – Clear all chat messages

CTRL+F5-F8 – Applies a map bookmark at cursor location

F5-F8 – Centers the screen on a map bookmark


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