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Oxygen Beginner’s Guide: 8 Tips and Tricks to Get Started


Oxygen is a gripping city-builder survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world where oxygen is scarce. As the leader of your settlement, it’s your job to create a thriving community around the Oxygen Center & ensure the survival of your people. Our comprehensive beginner’s guide will provide you with detailed tips & strategies to help you successfully navigate this challenging game. Let’s begin.



Prioritize Oxygen Production

The Oxygen Center is the heart of your settlement, as it generates oxygen by electrolyzing underground water. Initially, the Oxygen Center will rely on coal to produce electricity, but you should aim to transition to more sustainable energy sources over time. To do this, you’ll need to research and build facilities that generate gas, hydro, solar, wind, and wave energy.


Start by constructing Coal Mines to provide a steady supply of coal for your Oxygen Center. As you progress, build Gas Extractors, Water Turbines, Solar Panels, Wind Turbines, and Wave Power Stations to diversify your energy production. This will make your settlement more resilient and better prepared for resource shortages and natural disasters.



Optimize Energy Production and Storage

Energy management is crucial in Oxygen. You’ll need to carefully balance your energy production and consumption to ensure that the Oxygen Center operates efficiently. To do this, regularly monitor the Energy Menu to keep track of your energy generation and usage.


Additionally, invest in batteries to store excess sustainable energy. This stored energy can be used when consumption exceeds production, providing a safety net for your settlement during times of crisis. As your energy demands grow, construct additional batteries to increase your storage capacity.



Manage Water and Food Resources

Water and food are essential for the survival of your settlers. To secure a stable water supply, build Water Purifiers near lakes and rivers. However, these purifiers won’t function during droughts and frosts, so you’ll also need to construct Water Desalinators, Water Wells, and Rainwater Collectors to provide water during these difficult periods.


For food production, establish Fishing Docks near lakes, rivers, and the sea. However, keep in mind that they won’t work during droughts and frosts. To ensure a consistent food supply, build Planthouses to grow potatoes and tomatoes, which can be harvested regardless of the weather.


Remember to monitor your water and food storage before sending out Signal Tower and Radar teams on expeditions, as these teams require Canned Fish and Water during their travels.



Prepare for Natural Disasters

Your settlement will face several natural disasters, such as winds, droughts, and frosts. These events can cause shortages in energy, water, and food resources, making it essential to prepare for them in advance.


To protect your settlement from winds, focus on reviving dead trees. When a tree’s vitality reaches the required level, it generates a tree dome that reduces energy consumption for buildings within its radius. Furthermore, settlers under a tree dome won’t get sick during winds and won’t consume oxygen tanks.


During droughts and frosts, water purifiers and Fishing Docks by lakes and rivers will be non-operational, so ensure you have adequate water and food storage to last through these periods. Additionally, keep an eye on your Trees and Planthouses, as they will continue to consume water during these events.



Monitor Settlers’ Needs

Your settlers have various needs, including hunger, thirst, health, housing, clothing, social life, and spirituality. Addressing these needs will improve your settlers’ confidence and productivity, ensuring the success of your settlement.


Ensure that settlers have access to food, water, and medical care by building canteens, storages, and medical posts or hospitals. Provide comfortable housing by constructing houses with different comfort levels. Monitor clothing durability and supply your settlers with Uniforms or Kevlar Suits, which also impact their confidence levels.


Promote social life and spirituality by building Cafes, Playgrounds, and Temples where settlers can interact and relax. Don’t forget to beautify your settlement with decorations, as they can provide additional confidence boosts.



Optimize Settlers’ Productivity

Settlers’ productivity levels are determined by their confidence & education levels. Higher productivity levels mean faster production speeds, which is essential for your settlement’s growth.


Invest in education by building schools and providing settlers with access to learning resources. Focus on maintaining high confidence levels by addressing your settlers’ needs and promoting a healthy work-life balance.



Manage Vote of Confidence and Annual Reports

The Vote of Confidence is a measure of your leadership performance. To keep your people from leaving at the end of the year, maintain a high Vote of Confidence by focusing on parameters such as People, Population, Exploration, Buildings, Task Performance, and Trees.


At the end of each year, you will receive an Annual Report detailing your performance in the previous year and setting the Vote of Confidence target for the upcoming year. Use this report to inform your strategy and make adjustments as needed.



Explore and Expand

To grow your settlement, send out Signal Tower and Radar teams to explore new locations and find additional resources. Expanding your territory can provide you with more opportunities to generate energy, produce food and water, and accommodate new settlers.


As you explore, you may also encounter other survivors who wish to join your settlement. Carefully consider whether to accept them, as increasing your population can put additional strain on your resources. However, new settlers can also contribute to your settlement’s productivity and help you achieve your goals.


In summary, to succeed in Oxygen, you must prioritize oxygen production, optimize energy generation & storage, manage your settlers’ needs, and prepare for natural disasters. With a focus on these key areas, you’ll be well-equipped to lead your people to survival and prosperity in this challenging, post-apocalyptic world. Good luck, and may your settlement thrive!


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