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Desktop Dungeons: Rewind Beginner’s Guide: 20 Tips and Tricks to Get Started

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Desktop Dungeons: Rewind is a modern remaster of the classic dungeon crawler, combining tactical gameplay with kingdom management. To help you master the game we offer an extensive beginner’s guide that delves deeply into character selection, exploration, combat & kingdom-building.


Character Selection: In Desktop Dungeons: Rewind, your choice of adventurer will greatly impact your experience. Each character is a unique combination of race and class, boasting distinct stats and abilities. Experiment with different pairings and don’t be afraid to switch up your approach when tackling various quests.


Optimize Exploration: Efficient exploration is crucial for effective healing and resource management. Uncovering new terrain regenerates health and mana, so plan your route carefully. Leave some areas untouched for later battles, and always consider the consequences of exploring a new tile.


Know Your Enemy Types: Understanding the unique abilities and weaknesses of each enemy type is crucial to success. Some enemies may be resistant to physical or magical damage, while others may have abilities that can complicate combat. Recognize these strengths and weaknesses, and adapt your strategy accordingly. For example, Golems are immune to magic damage, making them prime targets for melee-focused characters, while characters with magic attacks should seek other enemies.


Maximize Glyph Usage: Master the use of glyphs to control the battlefield and gain the upper hand in combat. Some glyphs, like WEYTWUT, can teleport enemies away or swap places with them, allowing you to control enemy placement and create opportunities for strategic strikes. Additionally, make sure to use glyphs like BURNDAYRAZ, PISORF, or ENDISWAL to exploit enemy weaknesses and enhance your own abilities.


Prioritize Boss Preparation: Amid dungeon exploration, don’t lose sight of your ultimate goal: defeating the boss. Focus on collecting items, leveling up, and improving your abilities to ensure you’re prepared for the final confrontation. In some cases, this may mean skipping lower-level enemies to save resources or taking on more challenging fights to gain extra experience points.


Balance Risk and Reward in Combat: When confronting enemies, carefully weigh the risk and reward of each encounter. Fighting monsters within or below your level yields experience points, but the biggest rewards come from defeating higher-level foes. Proceed with caution and adapt your strategy to the enemy’s strength.


Leverage Character Abilities and Items: Utilize character-specific abilities and items to gain an edge in combat. For example, converting items can grant bonuses such as extra health, mana, or damage. Be mindful of your inventory’s weight limit, and prioritize items that complement your character’s strengths.


Master the Rewind Mechanic: The new Rewind feature lets you replay a dungeon from an earlier point after death, allowing for strategic experimentation. Use this feature sparingly, as Rewind scrolls are rare. Make the most of each opportunity to refine your tactics and optimize your dungeon run.


Your Kingdom: Acquire gold by trading monster trophies and using it to upgrade your kingdom. Focus on attracting skilled adventurers and improving your settlement’s infrastructure. Upgraded facilities like banks and taverns can help you gather resources faster and more efficiently.


Conquer Daily Online Challenges: Participate in daily online challenges to hone your skills and engage with the game’s community. These challenges can teach you new strategies and offer a competitive outlet for experienced players.


Use Terrain to Your Advantage: The dungeon terrain plays a significant role in your strategy. Utilize walls, chokepoints, and other obstacles to control enemy movement and limit their options. For instance, using the ENDISWAL glyph, you can create or destroy walls, forcing enemies to take specific paths or creating barriers.


Embrace Failure as a Learning Opportunity: Desktop Dungeons: Rewind is a challenging game, and failure is inevitable. Use each defeat as a learning experience and refine your strategies to improve your chances of success in future runs.


Manage Status Effects: Certain enemies can inflict status effects such as Poison, Mana Burn, or Weakening. Keep track of these effects and use level-ups, potions, or other abilities to remove or mitigate them. Understanding how to manage these effects can greatly improve your chances of success in challenging fights.


Study Enemy Behavior: Enemies in Desktop Dungeons: Rewind have unique behaviors and attack patterns. Pay attention to their movements and learn how to exploit their weaknesses. For example, some enemies will telegraph their next move, allowing you to plan your strategy accordingly.


Efficient Resource Management: Resource management is crucial for success in Desktop Dungeons: Rewind. Learn when to use potions, conserve exploration tiles for healing, and convert items to gain character bonuses.


Practice Puzzles and Challenges: Desktop Dungeons: Rewind includes various puzzles and challenges to test your tactical prowess. Practice these to sharpen your skills, and use the knowledge gained to tackle more difficult dungeons and quests.


Plan Your Attack Sequences: When engaging in combat, plan your attack sequences carefully. Consider the order in which you use your abilities and glyphs, and take into account any status effects or enemy behaviors that may change the outcome of the fight. By strategizing and adapting to the situation, you can overcome even the most formidable foes.


Optimize Your Inventory: Be strategic in managing your inventory, as carrying too many items can weigh you down and limit your options. Prioritize items that complement your character’s abilities, and consider converting those that don’t. Additionally, explore the dungeon thoroughly to discover powerful items and artifacts that can help you turn the tide of battle.


Respect the Randomness: Desktop Dungeons: Rewind features procedurally generated dungeons, meaning each run will be different. Embrace the unpredictability, and be prepared to adapt your strategy based on the unique challenges and opportunities presented by each dungeon layout. This will help you stay versatile and capable of tackling whatever the game throws at you.


Adapt to New UI and Mechanics: The revamped UI in Desktop Dungeons: Rewind may feel unfamiliar at first. Take the time to learn the new layout and appreciate the improvements, such as enhanced combat prediction and enemy movement.


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