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Company of Heroes 2 Guide: 9 Tips to Get You Started

Company of Heroes 2 Guide: 9 Tips to Get You Started

Company of Heroes 2 is a gripping real time strategy game that places you right in the heart of World War 2 guiding your troops to triumph. With intricate gameplay mechanics and a diverse range of units and abilities, it can be quite daunting for newcomers. That’s why we’ve put together this guide 9 vital tips to help you hit the ground running.



Resource Management is Key

Managing resources is crucial for building and sustaining your army. The game features four primary resources: manpower, munitions, fuel, and unit count.


Manpower is the lifeblood of your army, fueling unit production, building construction, and global upgrades. It’s delivered straight to your base, with the growth rate depending on your army size. Bigger forces mean a slower growth rate, while smaller ones enjoy a faster rate.


Munitions, used for abilities like grenade throwing and company upgrades, come from captured territories and depots.


Fuel drives your army’s development, as it’s required for building construction. Fuel is delivered from captured territories and fuel depots. Cutting off enemy fuel access can be a game-changer.


Unit count isn’t a resource per se, but each unit on the battlefield consumes unit count points. Once you hit the limit, you can’t produce new units until some of your current ones fall in battle.


In CoH 2, the gameplay moves swiftly, and managing military actions across the map is essential. Effective resource management is vital to maintain a powerful and efficient army. Keep a close eye on resource levels and prioritize production and acquisition according to your current objectives.



Cover and Terrain Are Your Friends

Company of Heroes 2’s diverse maps feature various terrain types, each with unique pros and cons. Forests, for example, offer great cover but slow movement, while open fields allow for speedy movement but limited cover. Position your units behind cover to minimize damage and increase their longevity. Moreover, use the terrain to your advantage by flanking enemies or attacking from higher ground, giving you an edge in combat.



Diversify Your Unit Compositions

Different units excel in different tasks, so a well-rounded army that can adapt to various situations is crucial. You’ll want a mix of infantry, tanks, and artillery to tackle enemy units at all ranges. Some units are particularly adept at taking out specific targets, like anti-tank guns for enemy armor and machine gun emplacements for enemy infantry. Strive for a balanced mix of unit types to capitalize on these strengths.



Flank ‘Em Good

One of the most effective tactics in Company of Heroes 2 is flanking your enemies by attacking from the sides or rear, where they’re least prepared to defend. Use your units’ mobility and stealth abilities to maneuver the battlefield and position yourself behind enemy lines. Once you’ve successfully flanked your enemies, strike with your units and eliminate them before they can react. But watch your own flanks and be ready to defend against potential counter-flanking maneuvers.



Spot and Recon to Win

Units hidden from enemy line-of-sight are tough to attack. Utilize spotting and recon units, like scouts or snipers, to unveil enemy positions and feed targeting information to your other units.



Don’t Neglect Unit Veterancy

The veterancy system in Company of Heroes 2 allows units to gain experience and become stronger over time. As units deal or receive damage, they accumulate veterancy points, eventually leveling up their veterancy, represented by star ratings. The higher the veterancy level, the stronger the unit becomes. For instance: a grenadier unit at veterancy 2 enjoys a 40% accuracy bonus, while at veterancy 3, it receives a 20% reduction in incoming damage. Try to keep your units alive as long as possible to increase their veterancy & make them more formidable in battle.



Map and Sectors Awareness is Essential

The CoH 2 map is divided into sectors, each with its own strategic value. Individual territories provide resources and mark key strategic points. Controlling these territories is vital for success. Move units into a territory to capture it and aim to control as many territories as possible for a steady resource flow and a strong frontline. Pay attention to sector types and exploit them to your advantage. For example, build depots in key point sectors to boost supplies and hinder enemy capture attempts. Use repair and field hospital sectors to maintain unit health, and watchtower sectors to enhance visibility and gain an edge over your foes. By closely monitoring the map and sectors, you can better understand the strategic landscape and make informed decisions about deploying units and resources.



Fortify Your Defenses with Sandbags

Sandbags can be invaluable for defending strategic positions in Company of Heroes 2. They provide cover for your units and can be placed in locations that make it difficult for opponents to take advantage.


When using sandbags, consider their placement carefully. Position them in a way that prevents opponents from using them as cover, like placing them at the center of a capture point or in a direction that leaves the enemy exposed. Additionally, you can wire the opposite side of the cover to further hinder your opponent’s use. This can be particularly effective for Soviet and USF players who have access to irregularly-sized hard cover structures.


Sometimes leaving a unit behind cover at a strategic position, rather than using them aggressively, can help protect crucial points and allow your units more time to fight and evacuate before being destroyed.


Keep in mind that building sandbags or other hard cover structures takes time, and your opponent might see you building them. Capturing a common point is generally faster than constructing a hard cover structure, but you can still build one within the time it takes to capture a special point or retake an opponent’s point.



Proper Unit Spacing is a Lifesaver

Appropriate spacing between units is crucial in Company of Heroes 2 to reduce the impact of enemy attacks, particularly from artillery or air units. When units are clustered together they’re more vulnerable to being wiped out by a single attack. Spreading your units helps mitigate this risk and increases your chances of surviving enemy assaults. This is especially important when facing artillery or air units, as their attacks can cover a broad area and potentially hit multiple units simultaneously. Proper spacing can help reduce the chances of this happening, giving you a better shot at emerging victorious in battle.


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