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Giants Uprising – Beginner’s Guide: Tips & Tricks

Giants Uprising - Beginner's Guide: Tips & Tricks

Remember Dead Space? Smashin the boxes? Remember how awesome that was? Now you stomp and shatter buildings to tinder and slaughter an entire battalion of soldiers trying to kill you. Varsav Game Studio’s Giants Uprising is a 3D third-person action-adventure and hack and slash game. In this game, the player can take on the role of a Titan who wants to take revenge on humanity.


Giants have been enslaved for battle and construction against their will. Players will take control of a runaway giant that a human prisoner accompanies. They’ll embark on a journey to free the remainder of the gigantic race, overthrow the kingdom of mankind, and lead a revolution for freedom. This is Giants Uprising’s core plot, and it appears to be an intriguing variation in the fantasy genre.



Tips and Tricks for Beginners

We’ve included some helpful tips and tricks in this Giants Uprising beginner’s guide to help you get started.


  • You can smash through buildings by charging (Hold Shift + Left Mouse Button)


  • The Dash Smash – Press Shift + Left Mouse Button in quick succession to make Rogbar perform a forward strike. (allowing to close gaps between you and your opponents, or quickly smash through those pesky buildings in your way).


  • Activating Rage will allow you to deal more damage. And avoid getting staggered after receiving damage.


  • Charge your attacks (holding the specific attack button) while your opponent is blocking to deal extra damage once they try to attack (be careful, good timing is key).


  • You can “calibrate” your throw in the seconds of throwing, adjusting your aim to hit turrets/enemies more accurately.


  • If you block an enemy attack (by pressing ALT), you can hit them with the counter punch to deal extra damage.


  • You can walk while blocking and aiming.




  • You can heal Rogbar by eating meat.


  • Gaining distance can help you avoid damage from Giants and allow you to use your AoE damage attacks (Right Mouse Button, Q button).


  • To be more efficient at avoiding and eventually destroying turrets (with projectiles), wait for the last second to dash (SPACEBAR button). And then throw your weapon at them.


  • After each mission, you will receive a skill point. Access the Skill Tree tab in the Main Menu to spend it and enhance your chances.


  • Use the environment to your advantage- you can pick up rocks and trees to hurl them at your enemies.


  • Destroying buildings and killing enemies can heal you and (buildings) provide you with fun weapons.


  • Each weapon you find in the game can allow Rogbar to use in melee attacks (this uses up the durability of said weapons) or ranged attacks. Each weapon has a different durability capacity: rocks and trees – one throw, one hit, other weapons will allow you to perform a few more melee attacks with them. They will even allow you to retrieve some after performing a ranged attack.



Weapon Types

Different weapons might be more effective against different types of enemies/ destructible:


a) Tomahawk – You can carry two at a time, allowing you to throw them in quick succession at towers/ enemies or unleash a flurry of attacks against enemy giants. These weapons do not perform so well against humans (due to their small size and the attacks performed by ROgbar being at a certain height); however, performing the Dash Smash with a tomahawk equipped will make Rogbar hit the ground after the combo, smashing your enemies to a pulp. Alternatively, throwing the tomahawk at both Small and Big enemies will create a small splash damage area, allowing you to deal damage to both.


b) Javelin – The more precise weapon of choice, great at destroying towers from a distance or hitting headshots, like the long-range medieval sniper you might happen to be. The throwable trees are also pretty good to throw; however, they are more easily destroyed when the melee hits them; additionally, it might be harder to aim with them, as the branches can occupy the Giant’s vision.


c) Boomerang – You may throw the boomerang at buildings, but why waste such a great opportunity to cut down hundreds of humans in one swipe? This particular weapon proves extremely effective against hordes of small enemies. It tramples over them like ants when aimed at the ground, killing large amounts in one well-aimed swipe.


d) Stone – Throwable stones are present on practically every map, often in the largest amounts of all weapons. These “natural” weapons create a small area of splash damage, allowing you to crush the ranks of humans with ease, as well as test your luck at hitting towers from a distance.


e) Explosive Barrels – Present on some levels, these casks of highly explosive alchemical powder are effective against whatever is on the receiving end of them. Capable of opening Giant-proof gates, smashing human squads, destroying towers and buildings, and heavily damaging Giants, these specialized weapons explode upon impact, destroying whatever finds itself in their range.




  • Assaults to choose from: Giants Uprising appears to have a straightforward but effective game system. Rogbar has a wide range of attack types to choose from, as demonstrated in the demo. Trees and rocks can be used as projectiles. However, they have a sharp angle of projection that allows Rogbar to launch them through the air. As a result, he can also toss windmills like boomerangs. They’re very useful at annihilating hordes of men, much like a lawnmower.


  • Debris as Weapons: Debris from falling buildings can also be used as weapons. Rogbar can utilize the framework of a building as an axe and blunt weapon. He can not only swing them about but also toss them like a tomahawk to knock down adversaries from afar. There will be boss battles, as is customary in video games. They can also take the form of castles that even more powerful giants must demolish.


  • Maintain Your Health: The game itself can be quite challenging. You must keep your health at all times, or you will be killed and forced to load the last checkpoint.


  • Deconstruct Villages: Players are encouraged to deconstruct villages and fortresses in any way they see fit in this game. At first glance, it’s easy to conclude that playing as a giant will give gamers an unfair advantage. Never underestimate man’s willpower. The sheer number of warriors attacking Rogbar on the battlefield can easily overwhelm players. Not to add that projectiles come from all directions and can swiftly deplete Rogbar’s health.


If you have any additional tips or tricks to contribute to this guide, please leave a comment. We’ll update this guide as soon as your comment is approved.


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