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Controls for Ereban: Shadow Legacy (Keyboard & Gamepad)

Controls for Ereban: Shadow Legacy

Here’s your ultimate guide to all the default PC keyboard shortcuts & Xbox controller commands for Ereban: Shadow Legacy. There’s a bunch to keep track of, so don’t forget to bookmark this page. It’ll be your lifesaver whenever you need a quick reminder.



PC Keyboard Controls

  • Movement – Forwards: W


  • Movement – Backwards: S


  • Movement – Left: A


  • Movement – Right: D


  • Camera Movement: Mouse Movement


  • Shadow Merge: Right Mouse Button


  • Run / Shadow Dash: Shift


  • Jump: Space


  • Crouch: C


  • Attack: Left Mouse Button


  • Action: E


  • Use Equippable: Ctrl


  • Clap: V


  • Change Next Equippable: Mouse Wheel Up


  • Change Previous Equippable: Mouse Wheel Down


  • Cast / Throw: Left Mouse Button


  • Change Shoulder Camera: Space


  • Increase Throw Force: Mouse Wheel Up


  • Decrease Throw Force: Mouse Wheel Down


  • Zoom In (AYANA – VISOR): Mouse Wheel Up


  • Zoom Out (AYANA – VISOR): Mouse Wheel Down


  • Unequip: Ctrl


  • Scan Target: Space


  • Pause: Esc


  • Missions: M


  • Shadow Powers: P


  • Gadgets: J


  • Equippable Wheel: Hold TAB


  • Chapter III Special Button: X



Xbox Gamepad Controls

  • Movement – Forwards: Left Stick Up


  • Movement – Backwards: Left Stick Down


  • Movement – Left: Left Stick Left


  • Movement – Right: Left Stick Right


  • Camera Movement: Right Stick


  • Shadow Merge: RT


  • Run / Shadow Dash: LT


  • Jump: A


  • Crouch: B


  • Attack: X


  • Action: Y


  • Use Equippable: RB


  • Clap: R3 (Right Stick Click)


  • Change Next Equippable: D-Pad Right


  • Change Previous Equippable: D-Pad Left


  • Cast / Throw: A


  • Change Shoulder Camera: R3


  • Increase Throw Force: RT (Hold)


  • Decrease Throw Force: LT (Hold)


  • Zoom In (AYANA – VISOR): RT (Hold)


  • Zoom Out (AYANA – VISOR): LT (Hold)


  • Unequip: RB


  • Scan Target: A


  • Pause: Menu Button


  • Missions: View Button


  • Shadow Powers:


  • Gadgets:


  • Equippable Wheel: Hold LB


  • Chapter III Special Button: L3 (Left Stick click)



In-Game Control Scheme

Controls for Ereban: Shadow Legacy (Keyboard & Gamepad)


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