Burnout™ Paradise Remastered PC Keyboard Controls & Key Bindings


PC Keyboard Controls & Key Bindings

Here’s a list of controls:


Menu Controls

(Num Pad) 8: Easy Drive Up

(Num Pad) 2: Easy Drive Down

(Num Pad) 4: Easy Drive Left

(Num Pad) 6: Easy Drive Right

Esc: Open/Close Menu

Enter/Return: Select

Backspace: Cancel

M: Map

F1: Previous Screen

F2: Next Screen

1: Option 1

2: Option 2



W: Accelerate

S: Brake/Reverse

A: Steer Left

D: Steer Right

Right Shift: Boost (or Ground Break during Showtime)

Space: E-Brake or Handbrake

G: Showtime

Up Arrow: Lean Forward

Down Arrow: Lean Back

H: Siren

C: Change View

Left Ctrl: Look Back

Del: Camera Left

Page Down [PGD]: Camera Right

Home [HME]: Camera Up

End: Camera Down

(Num Pad) 0: Next Track

B: Push To Talk


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