Vivid Knight – Useful Tips & Tricks

Useful Tips & Tricks

Focus on getting colors and traits

1. Moonlight – Can greatly increase overall dmg dealt.


2. Healing/Regen – Greatly increases unit survivability.


3. Barrier – Increases unit survivability.


4. Health Command – Increases unit survivability.


5. Truestrike – Allows special skill to trigger at battle start.


6. Sunlight – Can greatly increase gem support.



Clear most of every floor

1. Gold from enemies helps with getting colors and traits.


2. Free units found on the map greatly help and are often silver or gold.



Try to get 3 of most units

You may not use them in your active party, but the passive bonuses are worth leveling them up to their silver star. Don’t be afraid to go over inventory capacity, especially if you have mana recovery gems. To be honest it’s the colors and traits you have that make the difference rather than your unit levels or skills.



Try to carry a mana increase gem at all times

In order to best upgrade gems, you need to keep moving back to the jeweler to buy and sell units. This can eat your mana and can hurt if you end up far away from the stairs.


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