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DCS World Steam Edition – Useful Tips & Tricks

DCS World Steam Edition - Useful Tips & Tricks

  • Get a friend to fly with you. It makes a world of difference. If you are both new, you’ll have a lot of fun watching one another explode.


  • You can host multiplayer servers by port forwarding. It can be a tedious process, but it is an option.


  • Setting aircraft skill to “Client” in the editor can be used to choose different roles on mission start and is required to be able to choose a slot in multiplayer missions.


  • To get better screenshots, you can hide the menu bar in the third person and vehicle labels both in mission settings and with the default bindings 2x LCtrl+Y and LShift+F10, respectively.


  • You can also enhance screenshots with Time of Day, Season, and Weather settings in the editor and by using external view zoom commands.


  • Most of the F1-12 cameras have variants that you can find in the keybind lists.


  • Get familiar with everything out of the game in the main menu and submenus. There is a model viewer, instant action, many general settings to toy with, campaigns, missions, and more. There really is a LOT.


  • Friendly fire isn’t. You lose a lot of scores if you teamkill AI in campaigns and missions (all of it, actually).


  • Get Flaming Cliffs 3. Once you know one, you know them all.


  • There are joint task force red and blue coalitions that allow you to make any vehicle from any country, either Red or Blue. If you want to fly a Su-25 alongside a friendly A-10A, that’s an easy go-to.


  • In a single-player, you can slow down and speed up the time, but you may have to rebind any default NVIDIA overlay activation bindings.


  • If you get a high-fidelity model, make the first one the F-18. There are extensive tutorials for this aircraft on YouTube, and it is both very fun and very flexible. F-18 best module.


  • Don’t look at the infantry models. You will want to bleach your eye holes.


  • The fuselage is not supposed to be a weapon, but it is a hell of a last-ditch effort.


  • You can tell AI wingmen what to do in the radio menu.


  • You can bully AI into taking SAMs for you so you can find out where enemy air defenses are.


  • If you fly a few feet off the ground, you can sneak up on long-range radar missile sites.


  • Most guns are only really very effective on light armor.


  • You can rearm a plane by landing at a friendly airbase. Neutral airbases act like they’ve been abandoned for the apocalypse.


  • You can download mods and skins from the internet.


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