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Risk: Global Domination Achievement Guide

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This guide will help you complete all the achievements in Risk: Global Domination.




Cashed Up

Make an in-app purchase




Start a match using Automatch

Note: This achievement is not always awarded



Short Holiday / Long Vacation / World Tour

Conquer 5,10,15 territories in a single turn



1K Down / The Big 5-0-0-0 / Take No Prisoners

Defeat 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 Enemy Troops



Corps Creator / Battalion Builder / Army Assembler

Draft 250, 1,000, 10,000 troops



Pen Pal

Make one new global multiplayer friend

Note: You receive the achievement after sending the friend request



Friendship Peacemaker Socialite

Form 1, 25, 50 Alliances



No Strings Attached

Break 5 Alliances

Note: This achievement is not always awarded



Smiley Face

Use 10 Emojis



Making Connections

Play online

Note: Both “play friends” and “global domination” count for this achievement



Familiar Ground

Play the same map 10 times



Long Engagement

Compete in a game that lasts at least 15 turns

Note: You actually receive this achievement after 20 turns




Play 100 RISK Games



The World is Yours

Defeat 5 expert AIs in a single game of Classic world domination map




Defeat 5 Expert AIs in a single game of the french revolution map

Note: If you do not have this map, wait until it is a free weekly map




Achieve 200 Victories



Solo Effort / Make it on your own / Army of One / Lone Wolf

Win 1, 25, 50, 100 Single Player Games



Card Collector / Card Connoisseur / Full Deck

Turn in 10, 50, 100 Cards



Unlucky Streak / Slippery Slope / Anti-Victor

Lose 3, 10, 50 Games



Fourth Time’s a Charm

Lose 3 games in a row



World Debut / Global Gamer / Planetary Player / International Champion

Win 1, 25, 50, 100 Games Online

Note: Both “play friends” and “global domination” count for this achievement



Rising Star / Unquenchable Thirst for Glory

Defeat 25, 50 AI or Human Players



System Error

Defeat 100 AIs



Cover Puny Humans

Defeat 100 Human Players



Spoils of War

Claim 50 cards from defeated players



The Chameleon

Play 5 games with different avatars:

Just go to your profile and change avatars five times before games. Unfortunately, you need to purchase extra avatars, I recommend the premium pack.



Well Educated

Tap on 15 help tooltips:

Go to the settings and switch tabs, clicking all the grey question marks you see until you receive this achievement



Private Eyes

Click on privacy links:

Click help, then Privacy Policy



Land Baron

Hold 9 Cards:

You must have 4 cards and take someone out who has 5



All Four One, One For All / Loaded Dice

Roll 4 ones in a row / Roll 4 sixes in a row:

Turn off blitz mode and manual roll a large stack



Better Luck Next Time

Be eliminated before your first turn:

Create a “play friends” game on the smallest map you have, I recommend Simple World. Have at least two friends help you, the more the better. Restart until you go near the end of the turn order and have your friends suicide on you.



Wanna Rumble?

Agree to 10 “let’s attack” requests:

Have an ally send you an attack request and send it back 10 times.



Shields Up / Stonewall / Impenetrable

Defend 5, 10, 15 attacks in a row:

Place a big stack in a territory with many adjacent territories, and have a fiend blitz into it with one troop each time until you get the achievement.


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