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Chasing Static – Rom Doctor Achievement Guide

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  • First, you’ll need the Sonic Shotgun. You can find it in Area C after triggering the echo in the tent down by the lake, where they talk about a new weapon. You’ll find the shotgun on the ground by the far fence on the map, like behind the center crater on the left of the map.


  • Then, you’ll need to use this shotgun to shoot three ghosts who have been haunting the map.


  • There’s one in Hearth by the lone walking Granny, back in the corner by the van that had the hotel keys.


  • There’s also one in Site C in the corner by the tents. I’ve only seen him spawn once if he grabs you, so be sure to avoid him if you haven’t gotten the shotgun yet.


  • The last ghost is by the van on the road in front of Last Stop Cafe.


  • Be sure to save your shots with the shotgun, you only have ten, and there’s no way to recharge it.


  • Once you’ve shot all three ghosts, head to the terminal on the 2nd floor of the Facility on the left-hand side, it’s hard to miss.


  • Before shooting the three ghosts, the terminal shows three dots. As you shoot them, the corresponding dots disappear, and you’re left with a terminal you can interact with.


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