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Global Conflagration PC Controls & Hotkeys

Global Conflagration PC Controls & Hotkeys

Global Conflagration channels the spirit of classic RTS gems like the legendary Command and Conquer series, Act of Aggression, and Dawn of War, but spices things up with sleek modern controls and simplified gameplay. Here, you’ll get to marshal an arsenal of tanks, infantry, choppers, and planes, setting your sights on taking down the enemy base.


We’ve put together this list of crucial hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts to keep your game sharp and efficient. Make sure to bookmark this page – it’ll be your secret weapon for a quick refresher whenever you need it.



PC Keyboard Shortcuts & Hotkeys

  • Attack with purpose: Press A and right-click where the action is. Your units will move and engage enemies along the way.


  • Halt!: S is your go-to when you need everything to freeze. It’s like hitting the pause button on your units’ actions.


  • Gathering your troops is super easy:


Hit Ctrl + A to round up everyone in sight. Double tap to call back all your units from across the map.


Use Ctrl + S if you’re looking to select units of a kind. Hit it twice, and you’ve got all similar buddies from anywhere on the map.


  • Perfect your view:


Swing the camera with Alt + mouse movement to catch the best angles or to just get a better look at the battlefield.


Lost that perfect angle? Home snaps everything back to a familiar view.


  • Building Tab Categories: Use the QWERTY keys to navigate through building tab categories.


  • Spot something? Ctrl + Left Click to ping it.


  • Visibility is key: Toggle your units’ health bars with Ctrl + H to keep a close eye on their well-being.


  • Queue Movement Orders: Hold Shift while issuing commands to queue multiple movement orders for your units.


  • Special targets: Ctrl + right-click commands your units to focus fire, useful for when you need to take down specific threats or obstacles.


  • Stay on target: With Ctrl + F, you can follow a unit’s every move, keeping the spotlight on them.


  • Strategic formation: Dragging with both mouse buttons lets you set the direction your units face, adding an extra layer of strategy to your placements.


  • Alert the squad: Ctrl + Right Click drops a beacon for your allies, making it easier to coordinate attacks or point out areas of interest.


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