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ZED ZONE PC Keyboard Controls & Hotkeys

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Back in the day, I spent countless hours with Left 4 Dead and its sequel… I would team up with friends, set up voice chat, and smash zombies for long periods of time, enjoying every stage and mixup the game had to throw at us. It was awesome, and it’s a very fond memory of my youth.


There’s no way to avoid it: I’m older now. Those friends I had back then have moved on, lost touch, or even dropped video games altogether. I still enjoy them when I can, but I miss the fun I use to have back then. That’s why whenever a zombie video game comes out, I’m on it like white on rice.


Well, I’m very happy once more with the Early Access launch of ZED ZONE by developer Leven Liu and publisher INDIECN. This game is a pixel art, top down survival/crafting zombie game that throws you into a large open world & tasks you with finding a way to survive while battling waves of undead.


Oh, and there are pilotable mechs along with realistically driving cars. Yeah, this one is awesome.


You’re probably dying to get your hands on this one like I am, but hold up. You have to be careful heading into a world as huge and dangerous as the one in Zed Zone, and you should know what all of your options are. Thankfully, I’m here like always with the Zed Zone PC keyboard controls and key bindings guide. Check it out, it has everything you need to know neatly organized, so take a look, make some notes, or leave it open while you play for the maximum chance of survival.



Default Key Bindings

  • Move Character: W, A, S, D


  • Roll: Space Bar


  • Run: Left Shift


  • Attack: Left Mouse Button


  • Aim (Ranged Weapon): Right Mouse Button


  • Transfer Items: Ctrl + Left Mouse Button


  • Holster Weapon: H


  • Stealth: Ctrl


  • Reload/ Hold to Select Magazine: R


  • Open/Close Flashlight: L


  • Quick Save: F5


ZED ZONE Beginner’s Guide – Tips for Getting Started


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