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Frozen Synapse 2 PC Keyboard Controls & Hotkeys

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Key Bindings

The following list of hotkeys are the ones that come by default with the game.


`(tilde): open console


1 to 9: select units


tab: cycle units


space: play/pause


←↑→↓: scroll map


W: replay


K: zoom in


M: zoom out


O: orders menu


E: engage on sight, rewind


T: add zone (unsure if usable by itself)


S: stand


D: duck


X: cancel aim


C: continue on sight


hold V: line of direct fire, weapon range


: delete selected waypoint/order


: delete last waypoint/order


=: delete last 10 waypoints, rewind


ctrl: line of indirect fire


ctrl + left click: check


shift + double left click: manual waypoint


T + drag left click: draw zone


left click: select, rewind


double left click: automatic waypoint


hold left click: drag unit/order/wayline


scroll: zoom/cycle units


right click: drag map/orders menu


ctrl right click: aim


ctrl + double right click: cancel aim


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