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SteamWorld Build Keyboard Shortcuts and Hotkeys

SteamWorld Build Keyboard Shortcuts and Hotkeys

SteamWorld Build is a uniquely charming city-building/management game set in a fantastical world. As the town architect, you are tasked with laying down the foundation, constructing homes for your steambot residents, and ensuring their comfort and entertainment.


The town is built above an abandoned mine filled with valuable tech and riches, but there is also danger just below the surface. Make use of the resources above ground and the abundant ores in the mine to expand your town and attract new residents.


However, be cautious as you venture deeper into the mine, as a mysterious force is hunting you. Keep your workers protected and the walls strong as you explore the mine’s depths. This guide provides all the essential keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys you will need to safely navigate the world of Steamworld Build.



All PC Settings



Default Key Bindings

  • Confirm – Left Mouse Button


  • Rotate Building – TAB


  • Enable Camera Orbit – Middle Mouse Button


  • Move Left – A


  • Move Right – D


  • Move Back – S


  • Move Forward – W


  • Rotate Camera Left – Q


  • Rotate Camera Right – E


  • Rotate Camera Down – F


  • Rotate Camera Up – R


  • Move Floor Down – Down


  • Move Floor Up – Up


  • Move to City – 1


  • Move to First Mine Floor – 2


  • Move to Second Mine Floor – 3


  • Move to Second Mine Floor – 4


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