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Builders Of Egypt Keyboard Shortcuts and Hotkeys

Builders Of Egypt Keyboard Shortcuts and Hotkeys

You might have played a city-building game before, but not one like Builders of Egypt. This city management/economic simulator puts you in control of the development of the Nile Valley, where you will engage in the urban planning of a thriving civilization in the shadow of the pyramids. Place streets, design buildings, and layout your city with skill in order to entice people to visit and increase your income.


In addition to the city planning, you’ll also need to deal with matters of diplomacy and politics. These difficult choices will shape your city just as much as street layout, and careful consideration of different requests is important to avoid having an all-out civil war on your hands.


There is also religion, trade, monuments, and military action to consider as the leader of this city. Whew! That’s an awful lot of responsibility, and it would be a shame for a wrong button press to result in the total collapse of the city you worked so hard to design and build up. Thankfully, we have all of the keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys you need to achieve success right here, so make sure you use them!


  • Move Forward – W or Up Arrow


  • Move Backward – S or Down Arrow


  • Move Left – A or Left Arrow


  • Move Right – D or Right Arrow


  • Camera Rotate Left – E


  • Camera Rotate Right – R


  • Road – T


  • Rotate Building – R


  • Demolish – V


  • House – B


  • Pause – Space Bar


  • Select – Left Mouse Button


  • World Map – M


  • Fullscreen Minimap – O


  • F11 – Toggle between Full-screen and Windowed Modes


  • Finances Card – M


  • Diplomacy Card – M


  • ESC – Main Menu


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