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Ancient Worlds: Egypt Cheat Codes


Here is a list of cheat codes that are supported in the game. They can only be entered after loading a level.


Most of them require Numpad keys. In case the cheat code is not working for you, try toggling “Num Lock”




  • Left Alt + 3 – Refresh mini-map


  • Left Alt + Numpad 0 – Unlock all available buildings and categories


  • Left Alt + Numpad 1 – Add 1000000 to your cities treasure


  • Left Alt + Numpad 7 – Spawn trade ship


  • Left Alt + Numpad 8 – Play a random song


  • Left Alt + Numpad 9 – Enable all resources for trade


  • Tilde – Enable level editor


  • Left Control + Numpad 0 – Trigger victory


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