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Rustler Cheat Codes

Rustler Cheat Codes

Console Commands

  • While playing the game Press the “~” tilde button on the keyboard to open the console.


    • Write: EnableCheats Bastard


  • Now you have access to all cheats


NOTE: When you start writing, the console will do its best to try to guide you to writing the correct commands. It’s also very important to note that some of these are definitely case-sensitive, so make sure you write carefully!


Also, it looks like if you press the question mark to the right of the text input line, the console will show you ALL the possible commands. There’s some really fun stuff there!




This will make Guy invincible, but you can still get arrested.




Gives you an auto-crossbow with 10’000 ammo – without reloading!



SetMoney 5000

Will set your current money to the specified value.



SetHealth 100 100

Adds the specified amount of HP and armor to whatever amount you currently have. The first value is HP, second is armor.




Will give you all the weapons (crossbows will each have 100 ammo, still need to reload)



AddWeapon weaponname (ex. Sword, Spear, Scythe)


Gives you the specified weapon. NOTE: Case-sensitive!


Also, for crossbows or thrown weapons, you need to specify the desired number of ammo you want to get, e.g. AddWeapon AutoCrossbow 50


This will also give you access to some otherwise unobtainable weapons, use those with care!



RemoveWeapon weaponname (ex. Sword, Spear, Scythe)


Removes the specified weapon from Guy’s inventory.




Ends whatever quest you are currently doing.




Gives you a shield.



SetStars 0

Sets your current chase level to the specified number. The range is 0-5, anything above that will not work.



AddSkillPoints 200

Gives you the specified amount of skill points (200 skill points will be enough to buy all skills)



SlowMotion 0.5

Slow down and speed up time. For example, 0.5 listed here will make the game two times slower; 2 will make the game two times faster




Kills Guy immediately, won’t work with Godmode enabled.



Spawn Horse

Will spawn a random horse next to Guy.




Sets the type of horse to the one specified. This only works when you are mounted and doesn’t seem to affect carts. If you write the command only, the console will show you all the possible horse types below the text input line.



TeleportTo NameofLocation

Teleports you to various locations on the map.


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