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Age of Mythology: Extended Edition – Cheat Codes & Console Commands

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Tale of the Dragon Cheats

POWERS FROM DIYU – Grants four random god powers


BLESS ME FU XI – Spawns all Tale of the Dragon heroes at your Town Center


TITANIC – Titans can walk in water


WOLOLO – Chinese Monks ♪ wololo ♪ in joy when they convert enemy units


WRATH OF CYCLONE – Turn all your units into Titans




ATM OF EREBUS – 1000 Gold




JUNK FOOD NIGHT – 1000 food


NINJACONNOR – 100,000 each resource, max population cap, unlimited god powers 100x build/research speeds


ENGINEERED GRAIN – Instantly fattens pigs, goats, and cows


MOUNT OLYMPUS – Maximum Favor


SET ASCENDANT – Show animals on the map



Unit Spawns/Changes

L33T SUPA H4X0R – Instant build


TITANOMACHY – Spawns a Titan at your Town Centre


I WANT TEH MONKEYS!!1! – Spawns tones of monkeys


WUV WOO – Spawns a Flying Purple Hippo


TINES OF POWER – Spawns a Forkboy


O CANADA – Spawns a Lazer Bear




ATLANTIS REBORN – Gives you Atlantean heroes


ISIS HEAR MY PLEA – Gives you the heroes from the Fall of the Trident campaign


MR. MONDAY – 1000% Titan AI Handicap



God powers

BAWK BAWK BOOM – Chicken Meteor


GOATUNHEIM – Turn all units into goats


WRATH OF THE GODS – Lightning Storm, Earthquake, Meteor, and Tornado powers (999 of each)


PANDORAS BOX – Random god powers


ZENOS PARADOX – Random god powers (includes Atlantean)


DIVINE INTERVENTION – Renews god powers


FEAR THE FORAGE – Walking berry bushes




LAY OF THE LAND – Reveals map




LETS GO! NOW! – Fast game speed


CONSIDER THE INTERNET – Slows game speed


RED TIDE – Makes the water turn red


RESET BUTTON – Un-build all buildings on the map


TINFOIL HAT – Ownership of all units on the map are randomized


IN DARKEST NIGHT – Cycles through four different light settings



Online/Campaign Exclusives

CHANNEL SURFING – Instant win (Campaign)


THRILL OF VICTORY – Instant win (Scenario)


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