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Age of Wonders: Planetfall – Revelations Console Commands

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The cheats console can be opened by the ^Ctrl + Alt + C key combination.




tasman – explores the map

barentz – explores the map and turns off fog of war

cruijff – all units have infinite movement

hauer – level up all units and heroes in the selected army

hein – win the current game

oppenheimer – win the current game through doomsday victory

surrendertome – forces the AI to surrender

leeuwenhoek – completes the current research

philips – completes the production queue in every city

rembrandt – grants 100000 Energy and Cosmite

masterskills – completes all research

instantskills – skills research instantly

ruijter unlocks – all hero equipment

oldenbarnevelt – grants maximum influence

oppenheimer – win the current game through doomsday victory

ikbedoelalles – unlocks all world map operations from all races and secret techs

freepop – only works with colony selected, gives the colony an additional colonist.

iamgod – always win in auto combat

optimalprime – enables operations to instantly prime

appeasefaction – only works with faction units selected, improves relations with selected faction

hatefaction – only works with faction units selected, decreases relations with selected faction

makeally – only works when looking at a commander in the diplomacy screen, changes diplomatic state with that commander to an alliance

(Other cheats for diplomatic states are; makedefensive, makepeace, makeneutral, makewar)


Some of cheat codes, such as freepop, can be scaled by adding a number and a space in front. For example; ’10 freepop’ as a cheat, will give you 10 colonists in the selected colony



Achievements & Trophies

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement or trophy.


Platinum – Unlock all achievements or trophies

Invader – Complete The Invader quest

Emissary – Complete The Emissary quest

Builder – Complete The Builder quest

Warmonger – Complete The Warmonger quest

Diplomat – Complete The Diplomat quest

Operator – Complete The Operator quest

Economist – Complete The Economist quest

Technologist – Complete The Technologist quest

Negotiator – Complete The Negotiator quest

Conqueror – Complete The Conqueror quest

Patron – Complete The Patron quest

Spymaster – Complete The Spymaster quest

Unifier – Complete The Unifier quest

Emperor – Complete The Emperor quest

Harbinger – Complete The Harbinger quest

Galactic Matriarchy – Win as Amazon leader

Resistance is futile – Win as Assembly leader

RedCore Mining Co. – Win as Dvar leader

Escape to freedom – Win as Kir’Ko leader

Syndicate Collective – Win as Syndicate leader

Expeditionary Forces – Win as Vanguard leader

Four Noble Truths – Win a game using the Celestian Doomsday weapon

Well done – Win a game using the Promethean Doomsday weapon

Hello darkness my old friend – Win a game using the Psynumbra Doomsday weapon

Singularity – Win a game using the Synthesis Doomsday weapon

Beyond the Void – Win a game using the Voidtech Doomsday weapon

The Alpha Strain – Win a game using the Xenoplague Doomsday weapon

Pustules Everywhere! – Complete the Amazon Campaign

Wide awake – Complete the Vanguard Campaign

Consortium Dominium – Complete the Dvar Campaign

Homecoming King – Complete the Kir’Ko Campaign

The Art of Deception – Complete the Syndicate Campaign

Missing a few lungs – Complete the Assembly Campaign

Eye of the Storm – Complete the Final Campaign mission

Story Master – Complete 25 NPC Faction Quests

Galactic Warlord – Win 100 manual battles

Power Play – Get your commander to level 20 and have them equip 4 mods

The very best, like no one ever was – Achieve Integration with an NPC faction in a scenario

Overlord – Have 3 vassals during a single playthrough

No one could survive that! – Kill 5 units in TC with a single tactical operation

Wololo – Permanently convert 30 units to your side

Mr. Universe – Achieve a Unifier Victory

All your base – Win an online multiplayer match

Futurist – Research a Tier X skill

Star Bureaucrat – Have 7 doctrines active

Xenophile – Have colonies of 3 different races in your empire

Paragon – Have a Virtuous reputation in a scenario

Pariah – Have a Deplorable reputation in a scenario

Justice prevails – Declare war using at least 15 casus belli in a scenario

Friendly fire – Kill your own unit by missing a shot


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