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Bug Heroes: Tower Defense PC Controls & Hotkeys Guide

Bug Heroes: Tower Defense PC Controls & Hotkeys

Hey there tower defense fans! Bug Heroes: Tower Defense is takin’ over Google Play & the Apple Store and guess what? It’s finally blasting its way onto PC via Steam… If you’ve been craving a game that hits just right in the tower defense genre you’ve stumbled upon treasure.


Now let’s talk about what makes Bug Heroes: Tower Defense the talk of the town. Aside from those eye-popping 3D models that you don’t usually see in tower defense games, it’s the lineup of 10 totally unique Bug Heroes that steals the show… Each hero is decked out with their own vibe, mad skills & cool gear.


From the shadowy Spider Assassin to the clever Ant Engineer, all the way to the kaboom-packed Worm Demolitions Expert – there’s a hero for every style of play… You’re gonna be hustlin’ for resources, building up turrets, leveling your heroes and defenses, slapping on those sweet upgrades & keeping the enemies at bay.


And this guide right here? It’s got all the keybinds you need, all in one spot, to speed you up… so bookmark it for future reference!



PC Keyboard Controls & Hotkeys

  • Attack – Right Mouse Button


  • Move – Right Mouse Button / WASD


  • Build – E


  • Swap Heroes – Q


  • Ability 1 – 1


  • Ability 2 – 2


  • Ability 3 – 3


  • Select Abilities


  • Bug Boosts – 4


  • Team Attack! – 5


  • Change View – V


  • Show Cursor – Middle Mouse Button/Shift


  • Pause – ESC


  • Move Camera – Arrow Keys


  • Next Wave – G


  • Automatic Next Wave – Z


  • Fast-Forward – F


  • Bug Rank – Y


  • Enemies – X


  • Select Notifications – Tab


  • Select Unit – R


  • Select Hero – C


  • Select Food Stash – T


  • Next Message – H


  • Scroll UI User Interface – Mouse Scroll


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