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Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate Cheats

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Tanuki Passwords

Passwords for Pokopon. Usable once per save file.



Critical – Extreme Sword

O-FENCE! – Rush Shield

Golddigger – Pauper’s Plank

Treasury – Dirk of Debts

Cursed Blade – Violent Blade

Vegicide – Scythe

Carpe Diem – Day Shield

Carpe Noctem – Midnight Shield

Arms Race – Bunch Bracelet

Nonary Game – Nonary Bracelet (Cursed)

Shakespeare – Drama Staff [5]

Happy Grass – Cheery Grass (Blessed)

I Love Zombies! – Revival Grass

Lost and Found – Undo Grass

Carte Blanche – Blank Scroll

Furry Ferret – Blessing Scroll

Coupon – Coupon Scroll

Gambler – Gambler’s Scroll

Miss Mist – Dodger Pot [5]

All Lucky 7s – Fever Pot [3]

Pot O’ Laughs – Hilarious Pot [5]

Synthesis – Synthesis Pot [5]

Banana Prince – Red Cat

Pumphantasm – Orange Cat

Kitty Cat – Yellow Cat

Green Grass – Green Cat

Chunsoft – Blue Cat

Shinya Kano – Indigo Cat

Perfect – Purple Cat

Tao’s Stash – 5000 Gitan



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