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Minecraft Dungeons – Nintendo Switch Cheats

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All Artifact Locations

To get Artifacts in Minecraft Dungeons you need to farm specific areas of the game to get them to drop. Keep in mind the artifacts’ stats, rarity, and level are impacted by the difficulty and level of your character at the time of the drop. With that said the skills themselves remain the same for the artifacts, so you are only getting better versions of each one. With that in mind here’s where to farm for specific artifacts and what they do:



Boots of Swift: Increase movement speed.

Farm locations: Creeper Wood, Creepy Crypt, Desert Temple.



Corrupted Beacon: Shoot beam that damages enemies.

Farm locations: Pimpkin Pastures, Cacti Canyon, Redstone mines.



Death Cap Mushroom: Increases attack and movement speed.

Farm locations: Creeper Woods, Highblock Halls.



Fireworks Arrow: Shoots an exploding arrow.

Farm locations: Redstone Mines, Highblock halls.



Fishing Rod: Pulls enemies towards you and stuns them.

Farm locations: Creepy Crypt, Soggy Swamp.



Flaming Quiver: Gives you burning arrows.

Farm locations: Pumpkin Pastures, Fiery Forge.



Ghost Cloak: Move through enemies.

Farm locations: Creepy Crypt.



Harvester: Use souls to create an explosion.

Farm locations: Soggy Swamp, Redstone Mines.



Iron Hide Amulet: Increases defense.

Farm locations: Fiery Forge.



Light Feather: Allows you to stun enemies and knock them back.

Farm locations: Pumpkin Pastures, Arch Haven, Highblock Halls.



Lightning Rod: Uses souls to call down lightning bolts.

Farm locations: Soggy Swamp, Obsidian Pinnacle.



Love Medallion: Charm a number of enemies to make them fight for you.

Farm locations: Arch Haven, HIghblock Halls.



Shock Powder: Stuns enemies in a radius.

Farm locations: Desert Temple, Obsidian Pinnacle.



Tasty Bone: Summons a wolf.

Farm locations: Creeper Woods, Creepy Crypt, Redstone Mines.



Torment Quiver: Fires a piercing knockback arrow.

Farm locations: Creeper Woods, Desert Temple.



Totem of Regeneration: Heals everyone in a radius.

Farm locations: Soggy Swamp, Fiery Forge.



Totem of Shielding: Protects everyone in a radius from projectiles.

Farm locations: Cacti Canyon, Desert Temple.



Wind Horn: Knock enemies back and slows them.

Farm locations: Pumpkin Pastures, Arch Haven, Cacti Canyon.



Wonderful Wheat: Summons a llama.

Farm locations: Arch Haven, Cacti Canyon, Obsidian Pinnacle.



Unlockable Game Modes

When you start your first playthrough you will play the game on default. There are two more difficult modes for you to unlock called Adventure and Apocalypse. To unlock both Adventure and Apocalypse modes in Minecraft Dungeons you will need to complete a playthrough of the game on default. Upon defeat of the final boss, you will unlock Adventure mode. Once you’ve unlocked Adventure mode you will be able to playthrough the game again on a higher difficulty. Complete Adventure mode to unlock the ultimate difficulty mode of Apocalypse.


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