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Tower Hunter: Erza’s Trial – New Game+

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New Game+

  • After completing the game, you’ll be able to reload the save to start again in New Game+ mode.


  • New Difficulty Levels

When entering the tower, you’ll be able to choose the difficulty level: E, D, C, B, A, S.

After completing S, you’ll be able to choose SS difficulty.


  • Magic Cores from previous completions are retained.

This means that you can farm magic cores by continually reclearing the tower.

Which is useful for clearing higher levels. And Hidden Boss.


  • Rogue-Lite

Weapons, chips, etc from the previous run are retained.


But, you’ll still lose weapons, chips in the usual way if you die.


  • Easy Mode

Tower resets, and you lose discovered teleporters and rest points.


  • Challenge Mode

Challenge mode is a wave battle that takes place in a simple Arena.


  • “Hidden” Boss

Isn’t really hidden. It’s the knight you talk to at the end.


But you won’t be able to challenge him until you’re on Difficulty A.


There’s no trash area, just the boss fight (which takes place in the Arena)


Expect to farm a lot of magic cores to beat this guy. (Like hundreds of them.)



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